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I have a question for zep regarding the Obj_id and Def_id modifiers:

I am defining Obj_id as the ID of the object in the room and the Def_id as the object ID that shows up in the navigator window (and near the name of the object above the modifiers section if you gave your object a name) when you click on the object. However, when I put them to work, they... don't work correctly.

I have an example still in progress but I will try to explain it first: I am making sort of a health bar for an enemy as a separate entity (It's all the way near the HUD). I have connected each animation in the health bar sequence to only show when the monster (defined by either Obj_id or Def_id) has a certain amount of hitpoints. However, all the modifiers are firing at the same time and clobbering the health bar's animation voxels. It's only showing the lowest amount of health (For it to show no health, the monster was set as a level goal and the health bar shows empty when "room clear" is true)!

My question is: Are Obj_id and Def_id working or not? If they are working, what am I doing wrong?

P#8624 2014-04-01 12:55 ( Edited 2014-04-03 15:40)

some things are better explained in pratic, I would like if you could show me the example so I can verify how the modifiers are working, can you do this, please?

P#8626 2014-04-02 16:16 ( Edited 2014-04-02 20:16)

I had an example ready, and then my laptop crashed...

I'll try one on my desktop, but I usually am distracted by other things while I'm on there. Recreating the example may be a bit hard that way, so it may take a day or two...

P#8630 2014-04-02 19:52 ( Edited 2014-04-02 23:52)

ok, I just tried it, and it is indeed a bug. Using obj_id in the trigger returns true incorrectly. Sorry for the confusion -- that surely burnt a lot of time :(

It will be fixed in 0.2.11 quite soon, but as a work-around you could make the monster in question in a group by itself (select, shift-G) and then use the group number to pick it out. (That is, if you don't need the group number for something else).

P#8633 2014-04-03 11:40 ( Edited 2014-04-03 15:42)

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