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Hi, this thread is to honor some of the greatest map here, on voxatron in some categories.
Everyone can participate. Post your level or just name it.
If you think there's a better level somewhere else, let me know, I dont know every m user created stuff !

PS: all levels listed here contains custom monster / character. ( It means that previous version level wont be counted )

How it works:

Getting 10/10 is impossible, as it would be PERFECT. Even getting 8 is pretty rare ( It's a proffesional point of vue here )
Your posted maps need to have atleast Total of 16 points or more to be featured here. OR have 8+ points in 1 category

Gold First.
Silver Second.
Bronze Third.

First case: Gameplay. ( How fun was it )
Second case: Graphics
Third case: Storyline. ( How the story is )
Last case: Creativity. ( Mobs are counted here. )

Journey to the east by: D [7][7][5.5][5] Total of: 24.5
The reaper's dungeon by: Kling [6.5][6][2][7] Total of: 21.5
Metal gear voxel by: BugglesMan [6][6.5][4][4] Total of: 20.5
The lonely Voxel by: HobHob [7.5][4][3][4] Total of: 18.5
.King's quest beta by: luthien 412 [3][8.5][3][2] Total of: 16.5
Starship combat demo series by: RandomCommander [6.5][4][4][5] Total of: 19.5

P#8270 2014-01-12 15:02 ( Edited 2014-01-17 17:50)

Hey blind I'd like to participate with my level, Little Voxel Quest, Level #8236. I know it wasn't much, but I just wanna see what happens to it.


P#8272 2014-01-12 16:02 ( Edited 2014-01-12 21:02)

why only this version? older levels have just the same rights as the new ones .-.

anyway I have my levels:

The reaper's dungeon #7684#

Puzzlemaker (12) #7776#

Misfortune #7885#

puzzlemaker2 (paralel) #8200#

there's also:
Enchant #7564
from 0.2.5, a little before the lonely voxel

P#8273 2014-01-12 16:29 ( Edited 2014-01-12 21:29)

Hey Kibcob, Sorry I can't class your level right now even if I think it looks nice. Here's why:

  • The main character is the default robot.
  • Alot of prop used are in the main folder.
  • There's alot of repetition ( For exemple alot of the same ground is used on the lava part, I think that it doesn't look nice and it's too randomly placed.)

Thank you tough for posting. I am looking forward to your levels!

P#8274 2014-01-12 16:31 ( Edited 2014-01-12 21:32)

Hey Kling, If we were to count the old levels, I would tell you that alot of them are good too ! But there would be alot and alot to try and test :) If you find any of them VERY INTERESTING let me know, I know that some old level might get a place here.

BTW, I just figured out how to play the reaper dungeon!

I liked the enemy's alot ! really impressive :) even the boss but the only annoying thing was that there was no warning sometimes.

P#8275 2014-01-12 16:40 ( Edited 2014-01-12 21:49)

All I've got is my dear Metal Gear Voxel, and while it's a very short demo/sample, I worked very hard in the graphics and gameplay departments (check out the most recent update if you haven't! More to come soon!).

I would rate Journey to the East highest in graphics, as the art is, in my opinion, far more inspired and interesting than King's Quest (which still looked good). It was quite varied and really felt like an adventure. Plus D's boat cutscene. Mmmmmmm.

Reaper's Dungeon is a lot of fun, D's cube level is innovative and long, and The Last Unicorn is a contender for gameplay. I think Puzzlemaker 1 was very creative but quite frustrating at the same time. The Doctor Who game had nice art too.

Are we voting, or what? Because this should be called Blinddevil's honorable mentions as opposed to the official honorable mentions!

P#8276 2014-01-12 16:53 ( Edited 2014-01-12 21:53)

Oh, ok. Thanks for finding out those for me. Yet, before I go, I want to cast Trouble in the swamp part 1 and part 2, #8173 and #8227. Also, Fat Guy Adventures, #8264. Thanks blinddevil!

P#8277 2014-01-12 16:57 ( Edited 2014-01-12 21:57)

Nope everyone comment is appreciated, but I cut on what I like the most.

For instance I think "Journey to the east " has alot of nice graphics compared to King's quest which has some very astonishing graphics. Quality > Quantity

I wont count my own level in this unless It's pretty good.

I'll check those " puzzle kind of level " since there's no story, they will only count on creativity and graphics.

As for doctor who, it's useless to put this level in the list as " Journey to the east " is way more attractive IMO and it's from the same creator: D. + Doctor Who has 0 points in creativity.

EDIT: I added a puzzle section, so puzzle are managed apart.

P#8278 2014-01-12 17:02 ( Edited 2014-01-12 22:19)

I will sign Starship Combat Demo (#7938) to the mix, however I feel as if "The trouble with cloning" (#8015) is not ready yet, but I will soon sign it up too, because I think it has potential.

I just need to work on that :P

P#8279 2014-01-12 17:47 ( Edited 2014-01-12 22:47)

I'll have to agree with bugglesman comment, it would be nice if we had a simple way of making a poll here but the way it is blinddevil obviously have the biggest control on the top5.
yet, I am sure this whole topic is useless, in 0.3 we will have the user rating system and this will all be forgotten.

by the way I vote for the trouble with cloning as graphics (since I used this idea on one of my first levels: ace part 1#7457 so its not quite the most original)
and (wip) wizard #8037 as for gameplay because I kinda like that boss -

by the way, have anyone beated my red boss from the reaper dungeon? (he's my favorite) you can check the map on the editor too if you can't reach it by yourselves.

one more thing: you should decide wheter the games will be distributed on technical aspects (graphics, gameplay, story...) or in game style (arena, adventure,puzzle, story, stealth...)

P#8280 2014-01-12 17:59 ( Edited 2014-01-12 22:59)

Well I know there will be rating soon tha5's why the best map are shown here ... so that new players know what levels are the best.

PS I beated it even if it was annoying but really fun !

P#8286 2014-01-13 11:16 ( Edited 2014-01-13 16:16)

In all honesty, the orange Smiley face boss is way more annoying than the red lava-spewer on legs.

The Trouble with Cloning's graphics are not yet up-to-date, I will need to do a lot more work on it before it is signed up there.

However, if at all I could sign it up for Gameplay. I am also signing up Starship Combat Demo for Graphics, Gameplay and Creativity. I said the level numbers already, they are three posts above this one :)

P#8287 2014-01-13 12:39 ( Edited 2014-01-13 17:39)

Sorry to double post but editing doesn't have an effect on bringing the attention to this thread...

Hey, shouldn't my level be above the other two? It's got a higher score!

P#8291 2014-01-14 13:47 ( Edited 2014-01-14 18:47)

I edited the content. I dont want to bring attention.

And no, the three first one are classed in order, other one no.

P#8292 2014-01-14 16:03 ( Edited 2014-01-14 21:03)

I just think it should all be in order, it only seems logical. It would be easy to glance over the entire list and say "Wow, All these levels are better than Starship Combat Demo" and totally miss the fact that 19.5 is bigger than both 18.5 and 16.5 -_-

P#8296 2014-01-14 17:31 ( Edited 2014-01-14 22:31)

you know, I can't click on a topic that has no title...
I had to make my way all trough your profile only to post this coment .-.

P#8327 2014-01-16 17:24 ( Edited 2014-01-16 22:24)

Yeah, seriously, why did you change the title to something that is annoying to get to? Are you trying to make it private or something?

P#8328 2014-01-16 17:38 ( Edited 2014-01-16 22:38)

I'm trying to find bettter way to rate maps. I dont want to rate maps as myself, so for now on I'll just blank it out :)

Hope you understand.

This was just a bad way to rate level before the real " level rater " come. Really, I disapprove my own idea.

P#8329 2014-01-16 18:44 ( Edited 2014-01-16 23:49)

well if you're good at math you could ask for the players to give their own statistics about a series of games to know the best ones then you could simply take the aritmetic mean (google translated those last words) and we can call it a day!

P#8331 2014-01-16 20:35 ( Edited 2014-01-17 01:35)

And we can call it a day ? ahah

I am good in math indeed but I still think it's useless since soon enought we will have the user rating !

P#8332 2014-01-17 12:50 ( Edited 2014-01-17 17:50)

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