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Cart #8203 | 2014-01-10 | Embed ▽ | No License

I'll tell you how to use custom weapon!

Alright so as the founder of custom weapon I need to show you a tutorial.

First thing, you need to copy the character I have in my custom level: It has the character prop. ( else you can't )

It goes the same as a monster modifier, but you need to make the event to shoot ( when you shoot it shoots ) not random or anything.

You can play around like, when he jumps, let's say a circular array of bullet appear.

Dont forget to set the delay, else you would shoot like crazy making no sense !

P#8191 2014-01-10 09:45 ( Edited 2014-01-12 03:57)

it is? I didn't see it.

P#8199 2014-01-10 11:44 ( Edited 2014-01-10 16:44)

It's there

P#8202 2014-01-10 12:29 ( Edited 2014-01-10 17:34)

It's not working (in the BBS or the editor). Did you use an old version of Voxatron to access the player editor? Is this working correctly in 0.2.9?

P#8207 2014-01-10 12:55 ( Edited 2014-01-10 17:55)

I've tried it in 0.2.9 and it works for me. I think your computer may have problems with Voxatron and thats why all the problems are happening. If you restarted your computer and it still made those errors (because my best guess for those problems are memory-related), then that's definitely something I cannot help you with, sorry.

P#8209 2014-01-10 12:58 ( Edited 2014-01-10 17:58)

I suggest you re download voxatron ! And that will work after

P#8210 2014-01-10 13:02 ( Edited 2014-01-10 18:02)

how did you make a player-type object?

P#8262 2014-01-11 22:31 ( Edited 2014-01-12 03:31)

You had to took it from a previous level version, you can't just creat it like this.

Copy & paste.

P#8263 2014-01-11 22:57 ( Edited 2014-01-12 03:57)

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