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I got my hands finally on Pico-8 a few weeks back and after doing a couple of examples, I set about making my own game to help learn some more about coding in Pico-8. So here it is, my firs very shoddy attempt a a game in Pico-8.

It is a rather simplistic game, you just have to survive as long as you can. The code in there could be much better but it was all a learning curve and I am more impressed that I got all of this built within a week and a half of just coding away at night time after finishing work.

Instructions on the opening screen allow you only at that point to change the controls of the tank.

Cart #retaliation-1 | 2020-07-04 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

V1.1 (04-07-20) Took advice and made changes to how SFX and music are played, also added a few extra effects once your score goes above 70 and also made a change to the difficulty to make it slightly easier later on.

P#78839 2020-07-03 12:12 ( Edited 2020-07-04 14:23)


Simple but challenging!
And it seems to have the potential to be even more interesting. (Weapons that give you a temporary advantage and damage recovery.)
I'm more familiar with the left/right keys to move the tank.
Nice work!

P#78842 2020-07-03 13:20
:: ojf

shiftalow, there is already a little damage recovery built in based on the amount of bombs you destroy for every 25 you get a small bit of energy back and every 100 you get a bigger boost. I had thought about adding in different/extra weapons but in practice they never felt quite right. But it could be something to re-asses if I revisit.

P#78843 2020-07-03 13:25
:: extar

I like this a lot, I'd love to see it expanded further with some more features, maybe different levels or difficulties somehow, to extend the core gameplay.

P#78845 2020-07-03 14:23

I like it but may I suggest looking into sfx channels? sfx() has more then 1 argument (index of the sound) you can tell it what channel you want it to play in. The reason I say this is that the music gets cutout by the sound effects over writing them because without telling the game what channel to put them in it just automaticlly find the oldest sound playing and that makes some bad sounding effects like it cutting out. so if you deligate sfx to their own channels I think that would help alot. but anyways good game!

P#78852 2020-07-03 19:07

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