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I've been recreating some tracks from the Game Boy version of Tetris Attack these past few days. I wonder what the story is behind these arrangements - they could have just transcribed the SNES versions and called it a day (like the unused arrangements in Pokemon Puzzle Challenge), but they went above and beyond and added something really memorable to each track. There's lots of interesting chord changes, and I find the arrangements to be generally really thoughtful and beautiful.

Transcribing someone's music is like climbing into their brain and seeing what's going on. Hopefully I can absorb the talent of these arrangers by osmosis.

More remakes to come...

P#78197 2020-06-17 18:31

These are great!

Unrelated but... The sound quality when playing is Chrome is really bad. A lot of crackling noises etc. On Edge the sound is perfect, but the player looks like this! =D

P#78208 2020-06-18 07:55

you just can't win!

P#78212 2020-06-18 08:34

Jeb, which version of Edge are you using? It plays fine on my end using Chromium Edge.

Edit: Forgot to mention, big Panel de Pon fan here, I'm loving these covers!

P#78228 2020-06-18 15:27 ( Edited 2020-06-18 15:28)


P#78234 2020-06-18 17:45

@Cebola "Microsoft Edge 44.18362.449.0 / Microsoft EdgeHTML 18.18362", and my Chrome is - according to Chrome - the latest version.

P#78240 2020-06-18 20:13

That explains it, I'm on the beta branch, version 84.0.522.20

Actually, I think I hear the crackling on my end too. Must be an issue with all browsers based on Chromium.

P#78253 2020-06-19 01:11

I hope that the sfx / music Pico-8 tab grows! I really like the idea of using pico-8 to listen to music and while it's awesome that you can hear them in the webpage, there a bit weird on mobile...
Anyways I love these recreations ^_^

P#80496 2020-08-08 09:28

These are so nice!

P#88087 2021-02-24 06:26

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