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HELLO and welcome back to another exciting week of Applecart.

When we first started, we wanted you programmers out there to give us your own rendition of Apple ]['s own Saucer Attack, an old 6502-assembly Apple ][ game that was originally read in the computer by audiocassette.

There were two entries total, and you can find those HERE:

Saucer Attack written by dw817 (12-29-19)

Destructoid written by chizel9000 (12-29-19)

The week after that we had a new competition, to make a game called Saucer Invasion, slightly different from the above. In this case we had a bonus, a video to look at so we could indeed see the original game, its instructions, presentation, and operation.

Youtube video of Saucer Invasion

So there were two entries on this one, and you can find those HERE:

Saucer Invasion 2020 by nosnibor28 (01-05-20)

Saucer Invasion by dw817 (01-05-20)

Your challenge for THIS week is to make this game. BOMBER.

And this just might introduce you to particle effects to handle the explosion.

Now those of you who have been in Pico-8 for some years may recognize me writing this game many years ago. And that's fine, this next Sunday I will release a new version of this cart chock full of helpful remarks. But THIS SUNDAY until then you are encouraged to write your own version.

And it doesn't have to be exact. If you want to add some new items, perhaps new sound effects and graphic eye candy in much the same that nosnibor28 and chizel9000 did with their carts, you are more than welcome to.

Here are some things to consider.

  1. Future versions of this game had the tank initially start out at one speed, but once bombed it would take off in a new speed and possibly in reverse making it that much harder to hit.

  2. You are encouraged to NOT have your sprites flicker. Tribute not clone.

  3. Your game does not need to be B&W, you can make it color if you like.

  4. Experiment with Pico-8's sound and you just might get a jet engine or a tank's motor.

  5. Instead of having the tank or jet blink from one side of the screen to the next when they reach the end of it, have them smoothly glide so it appears they are arriving on one side of the screen as they are leaving the next. You can see this in my Saucer Invasion game.

  6. Notice the bomb from the jet follows an interesting curve. It is this that makes the game challenging.

  7. Game should end if you run out of bombs or time.

  8. Jet of course cannot fire if bomb is already in air or tank is exploding.

Hope these ideas help, and see you then !

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