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Wanted to get this game a long time but didn't till the last couple days.

I beat adventure mode. That dragon at the end is hard! I have many questions and suggestions but if I were to start a thread for each one, that would be too many threads!!


  1. Does the editor have any way to reset the camera to the default camera position??

  2. I've never managed to beat one of those tall blue shooty guys. They look awesome but how do you stop them? Maybe they have too much health to beat?

  3. Would it be possible to add another camera mode that rotates the stage so that your guy is always facing front?


  1. No offense meant but I gotta say this: The "Sword of Eternity" looks awesome and would be fun in a game by itself but as an item from a perspective of winning, it's pretty useless compared to the normal gun. It's melee attacks are too dangerous to the player's health! It's not a sword of "eternity," it's a sword of "a couple blows before it breaks from the enemies being too close"!

  2. Those voxel bit explosions look awesome! That effect should be exploited alot more. You should be lobbing big explodey bombs at enemies as a weapon.

  3. The game ought to be less picky about height. Bullets pass over the heads of enemies on uneven surfaces too easily.

  4. You should get an opportunity to control one of the big red devil smashing guys. Or better yet, play as The Hulk. You know, like from Zombies Ate My Neighbors? Some potion that makes you into huge ripped monster guy so you can SMASH STUFF!!!!

  5. I would love to see a Moon map pack. But that would require altering the gravity both for the player and for all jumping enemies.

  6. More than anything else, this art style reminds me of Captain Comic
    It would be really awesome to be able to create a Captain Comic themed map pack with the enemies and poewrups from that game in 3D! Especially the moon levels! :D
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All of your suggestions basically call for easier gameplay because you seem to suck.
Also, the sword of fortune and sword of eternity are different items. The former is the temporary one.

P#6820 2012-12-07 00:25 ( Edited 2012-12-07 05:25)

I think that what Zep is doing will allow most of your suggestions to become possible. As far as I'm aware, he's trying to make the level editor as customizable as possible, meaning that custom weapons (like bombs) and custom players (like the hulk) could be made.

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  1. The game ought to be less picky about height. Bullets pass over the heads of enemies on uneven surfaces too easily.

less picky? you want the bullets to hit even when you miss? sorry to grouch but thats just silly. I know the bit you mean though, its awesomely hard.

play this one its ace

Twisty Castle
Voxatron Level #6320

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