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Hey, I am new to Pico 8, but I have previously used GameMaker. What I would like to ask is if there is an option to draw one sprite over another in map editor of Pico 8. Meaning that the transparent color actually becomes visible as color that is underneath the sprite. Something like layering.
Sorry if it sounds confusing..

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:: Davbo

You can use palt(...) to change transparent colours, and if you look at the Jempi demo cart you can see it has several sections of map that it draws one over the other with different movement to create a layering illusion. Look at the map editor and compare it with the game.

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And read the manual! - you’ll have the various options and more that @Davbo proposed.

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Where and how Can I find the Jempi's demo cartridge ?

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:: dw817

RP, "Jelpi" is a demo game included with PICO.

Bring up the PICO system, in command mode type:


press ENTER. Type:

cd demos

press ENTER, then

load jelpi

press ENTER, then


also followed by ENTER. And there you have it !

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ohh thanks

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I think you make a layer variable (like fg/bg=-1/1) and then have the _draw(function) draw them in a different order depending on the status (backdrop stuff, "bg" sprite layer, foreground, "fg" sprite layer, HUD).

I'm sure there's other ways to do this, but that's probably the most direct and code-effective, IMHO.

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