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I want to share a game that is WIP to a friend that does not have Pico8 emulator.
I'd love to upload them here and be able to give a non-indexed link to a friend, so he can play with a browser, but I only see the option to upload and play the game from website if it's posted publicly on the forum.

Dropbox and Drive dropped support to serve html.

What's a best and easiest way to sahre a game to a friend so that he only has to click a link and play from browser, while not being totally public?

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:: enargy


You'll just need to rename the html file to "index.html" and drop those into a zip file. Then when you upload it, choose the thing that says that that file will be used as the webpage/game.

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I don't know if you're being misunderstood or not. But if you're asking if pico-8 CAN produce a stand-alone html file you can upload yourself somewhere else. Yes, it can. Search for the EXPORT command in the manual.

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Hu... you can even produce standalone exe since 0.11.

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Beaker Browser might be your friend! :D


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:: Davbo

Yeah like Cabledragon and freds72 say you can export to a .HTML file or a .exe file then just send that to your friend to run. Pretty sure it's just like export mygame.html for html or export mygame.exe for the exe in Pico 8 and they appear next to your currently loaded cart but check for the export command in the manual to make sure.

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Another thing you can use is put your code on GitHub and push your web page to a branch called gh-pages. It should automatically create a site for you (which you can access from the settings tab on your repository). Hint: I would call the page index.html so it gets served automatically when you click the link and you don't have to type it into the URL manually.

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