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Cart #45656 | 2017-10-31 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

here is my submission for 3-COLOR JAM

It has two secret endings :>

For people not familiar with PICO-8, the desktop web controls are: arrow keys and Z/X (or C/V or N/M)

P#45572 2017-10-28 21:29 ( Edited 2017-10-31 00:27)


Hmm, I only found ONE of the secret endings...

Let's go try some more stuff :D

NICE GAME I love it :) I will forever hence imagine Martin Luther double-jumping around Wittenberg, nailing Theses at ridiculous heights! ;)

P#45636 2017-10-30 15:17 ( Edited 2017-10-30 19:17)

agh can’t figure out the other one

P#120798 2022-11-16 14:19

@Tatery1 Which one did you find? I'm guessing it was:

Cover the door for the "rocket" ending

P#120802 2022-11-16 15:28


no i found the cover the window one

P#120844 2022-11-17 14:01

daggermoor, I understand you so perfectly, I also remember Martin Luther when I see this :))) Besides that I must say you reminded me of this historically interesting person, https://supremestudy.com/essay-examples/martin-luther-king/ here I read about him, it's written short and clear. I prefer to use this one for college, and besides I am glad that I am developing quite a lot with the help of these writings.

P#129084 2023-04-27 15:10 ( Edited 2023-05-01 12:46)

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