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Cart #44102 | 2017-09-11 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Hint: Tapping the button in the air will get you further horizontally than holding it.

Version 1.1: Fixed a screen that could lead to a softlock

I'm not sure how to reply to peoples comments directly in this forum so until I figure out how just know that I am overjoyed by your kind words. Thank you all so much! Your awesome!!

P#43957 2017-09-05 21:15 ( Edited 2018-07-10 06:52)

I like this, but do not seem to be able to get out of the water or navigate a large portion of the world. Am I missing something about the controls? I got two upgrades....but they still dont give me enough juice to get out of the water or up a single 8 pixel block up.

P#43958 2017-09-05 21:31 ( Edited 2017-09-06 01:31)

nice game :D

P#43959 2017-09-05 22:08 ( Edited 2017-09-06 02:08)

Sloum, just remember that every screen edge that isn't covered by walls leads to another screen and you shouldn't worry about missing an upgrade as you can get back to any of them later :P

P#43960 2017-09-05 22:37 ( Edited 2017-09-06 02:41)

EPIC, finished in 26 mins on first try, so it's playable even for modern day gamers, great graphics, well balanced gameplay, even with slow movement and lot of returns level design keeps the frustration under the rage level, keep it up

Try CROWD if you have some friends

P#43963 2017-09-06 10:19 ( Edited 2017-09-06 14:19)

Just finished it and really enjoyed it. Great map design and power-up mechanics.

P#43965 2017-09-06 11:54 ( Edited 2017-09-06 15:54)

I love the look and atmosphere of this game! The main power-up mechanic is also pretty great.

My only complaint is that it is a tad bit too slow, it made me want to go into the code and speed it up :D

P#43966 2017-09-06 12:30 ( Edited 2017-09-06 16:30)

A fun little jaunt! This is probably a prime example of what pico-8 was meant for.

I would have loved a little hidden narrative in a game like this - what's hiding on the other side of that water tunnel? What put that fuel there? Maybe for next time :).

P#43968 2017-09-06 14:52 ( Edited 2017-09-06 18:52)

Interesting idea. Despite its basic graphics, it is quite fun. I suggest tagging it with "puzzle", as even though it requires some skill, I consider it largely a puzzle game.

P#43970 2017-09-06 16:36 ( Edited 2017-09-06 20:36)

I'm with eriban, this feels definitely like a puzzle/adventure game. But largely a puzzle one. There're also elements of skill, some jumps do require timing.

It's a long time since I've been so immersed into a game that I felt like I needed to finish it right there and then. :) Very good game, awesome job! I'm also not the best player of games but I did manage to beat it in 0:31:14 (according to the end screen).

P#44006 2017-09-08 16:32 ( Edited 2017-09-08 20:32)

Love it! This will have a place on my PocketCHIP for sure. <3

P#44190 2017-09-14 16:26 ( Edited 2017-09-14 20:26)

Once I learned where everything was I just did a 0:10:6 and I know I can shave some more off that lol.

P#54046 2018-07-10 02:52 ( Edited 2018-07-10 06:52)

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