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Cart #lepicons_02-1 | 2021-06-22 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Arrows move the cursor (which automatically select the closest lepicon)
Z changes the action (bar on the bottom)
X applies the action to the selected lepicon

The game is very simple, take your Lepicons to the other portal using them as tools (the different actions on the bottom).

I've been working on this game for this month (during my free time) for my One Game a Month entry. I hope I can keep it up this year and it's my first project on PICO-8 (by which I'm falling in love).
I tried to make a game of how I remember the classic Lemmings to be like, I don't want to go check how the original game actually worked, I want to do it using only my sweet (and maybe distorted) memories as guides.

The game is close to be playable but not quite finished. There are some "tutorial" levels and 2 more complex (which are very simple to make) but they haven't been balanced yet.
If anyone has any idea on how to speed up the level generator process (it's taking around 4 seconds to load).
And if there is anyone interested on working on some music for the game just let me know (music isn't really my thing, but will give it a try)

P#36613 2017-01-24 18:05 ( Edited 2021-06-22 19:06)

Awesome! Can't wait to see more progress! Great code formatting too.

P#36622 2017-01-24 22:52 ( Edited 2017-01-25 03:52)

Thanks Scathe!

-Added some easy levels for a quick way to learn how things work. Does anyone actually feel there is a need for tutorials? (personally, I'm not a big fan of them)
-Not all levels have been completely tested and balanced
-Some fixes on the lepicons behaviors
-Most of the mechanics should be working.

Next step is adding sound fx and some music (maybe)

P#36746 2017-01-26 17:09 ( Edited 2017-01-26 22:09)

"Tutorials" probably aren't strictly needed, but levels along the lines of Just Dig and A Task For Blockers And Bombers certainly are. Unless you're comfortable just assuming people know Lemmings already, which is honestly probably pretty safe

P#36835 2017-01-28 20:25 ( Edited 2017-01-29 01:26)

Thanks for the input keiya. I feel more comfortable doing some levels with simple tasks (as you suggested) so the player can slowly get the hang of it. So that's what I did it for the first 4 levels.

-Balancing the "tutorial"levels
-Added some SFX and music (please let me know if they're annoying)

I have two more days to call it a complete game (I'll probably keep working on it for a little longer though)

P#36876 2017-01-29 17:21 ( Edited 2017-01-30 09:37)

Excellent work so far, very enjoyable.
Lemmings has always been a favorite of mine and I've always wondered whether PICO-8 could handle it - you've proven it can!
Nice one :D

P#36893 2017-01-30 01:10 ( Edited 2017-01-30 06:10)

Thanks Liquidream, I appreciate it!

-Finally able to remove the level's layout flashing for a frame before loading
-Some changes on sound/music

I think it's missing a "game complete" screen, then I can call it done for now, or it can be moved out of the WIP section and I will be working on eventual bugs, balancing and adding more levels.

P#36967 2017-01-31 09:05 ( Edited 2017-01-31 14:05)

-The game has a beginning, some levels and an end, so I'm moving it out of WIP.

I'll keep updating with more levels, but that's it for now.
It's February already so I should start working on a new project.

P#37026 2017-02-01 18:06 ( Edited 2017-02-01 23:06)

Loved lemmings! Nice lil clone!

P#40840 2017-05-21 22:14 ( Edited 2017-05-22 02:14)

ragequit at level 5

P#41496 2017-06-09 15:57 ( Edited 2017-06-09 19:57)

Something that would help the consistency of map generation here (which would make gameplay work the same when you retry a level a lot) is if you set a specific random seed using srand before "loading". To keep the dynamic variation between differing levels, even if they happen to share most of the same design, the srand input could be based on the level number.

P#41505 2017-06-09 18:55 ( Edited 2017-06-09 22:55)

5 Years later.
Small uptade:
-Fixed loading screen
-Added the random seed based on the level (as JTE suggested) making the level the same every time you play it.

P#93739 2021-06-19 15:19

I am a huge fan of Lemmings, and I recently bought Pico 8 myself. I am impressed by your game!

I am nowhere near this level just yet, but I am making my own game right now and I'll share it once I feel comfortable enough to do so ;)

P#96669 2021-08-30 08:17

This was fun! I've beaten it. I like the trampoline! The beanbags make the game much easier than Lemmings since you don't have to send a guy ahead to make the falls safe, you can just sacrifice one guy to make a landing. Still, very much enjoyed this.

P#102897 2021-12-16 08:34

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