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There were bricks in the sky. Why?

They fell on our cities - we did not like this.

We considered sending fighter jets against them, or surface-to-air missiles.

Wiser heads prevailed and instead an enormous, gravity defying bat was constructed, armed with spherical counter-measures and launched to protect us.

Sounds like the plot of a soon-to-be-commissioned movie (contact details in my about section).

Whelp. Arrows, X to serve. Bounce bricks for bonuses, multiple times for more.

There's only a few levels there at the moment, so I may add more. It might be a bit hard though.

Obviously I apologise for the 'music'. But nothing else.


This game is too hard! I've reduced the number of bricks, made the bat a bit bigger and added some multi-ball power bricks.

It's STILL too hard! Oh well.


Changed the bat controls to be less floaty (thanks for the feedback :)

Chris Donnelly (@gruber_music) has also very kindly spent some time on greatly enhancing the simple ditty I had playing, so there is now real music!

P#27490 2016-08-27 18:39 ( Edited 2016-09-25 17:27)

I kind of like the music. Its soft and not intrusive. The bouncing bricks, with increasing score multiplier are a cool feature but with many of them on screen it gets hard to get focus on the ball. But maybe that's the idea! Also liked the levels block layouts with classic game themes.

P#27493 2016-08-27 19:27 ( Edited 2016-08-27 23:27)

This is incredibly innovative, may I suggest you shake the screen only when the player loses the ball ? With all the shaking going on its hard to track the ball.

This definitely answers one question I had about PICO, that you can spawn, clone, and remove objects. That will definitely help particles.

P#27497 2016-08-27 20:39 ( Edited 2016-08-28 00:39)

This is nice. Just the right amount of spin on a classic...really dig the brick bouncing - can't believe we've never seen that before.

Shaking doesn't bother me overall...just adds a little more challenge.

What does the meter on the left stand for? It kept running out but nothing happened.

P#27502 2016-08-27 22:15 ( Edited 2016-08-28 02:15)

Thanks for the comments.

@morningtoast - when the meter reaches the bottom all the bricks drop one place - it's not easy to spot if there is currently a lot of shaking going on ...

if the bricks reach the bat level then it's game over

@dw817 - originally i didn't have the screenshake when the ball hit the edge of the play area - I kinda like it, but yes I do agree it can get a little jarring ..

P#27546 2016-08-28 12:24 ( Edited 2016-08-28 18:42)

This game is super slick, and the brick-juggling mechanic is a nice twist on these brick breaker games that solves the problem of sitting idle while your ball is bouncing around at the top of the screen.

I have to ask, though - why do you make the paddle's movement momentum-based? It's really hard to control the paddle precisely because a single tap of the button makes it slide at least a paddle's length away. I think that's the main cause of your difficulty problem - aside from that, the game is fantastic.

P#28101 2016-09-06 14:11 ( Edited 2016-09-06 18:11)

You know, Somnule is correct. I can't think of any BREAKOUT games, clones or otherwise that had a paddle based on accelerated movement. Please make it so it stops instantly if you let go of the arrow direction.

P#28114 2016-09-06 22:40 ( Edited 2016-09-07 02:40)

I think this games is fantastic and super juicy, but I have to agree it's very hard to control. I suppose if you think of Arkanoid in the arcades and how that one was controlled with a rolling ball controller it kinda makes sense (I remember trying to play that as a kid and failing completely).

What helped me playing this one a bit better was doing quick taps on the left/right buttons.

Anyway, can't wait for your next one Joey!

P#28118 2016-09-06 23:43 ( Edited 2016-09-07 03:43)

very impressive game, it has a cool appearance, but I think too the paddle slides too much and too long. When you're in a fast paced with a lot of moves it's rather ok, when you need a very precise move when the game slows down, you tend to miss the ball just because of this.

P#28125 2016-09-07 01:33 ( Edited 2016-09-07 05:33)

Thanks chaps - yes, the controls were a bit rubbish. This latest update hopefully addresses that a bit as well as adding nicer music.

P#29369 2016-09-25 11:36 ( Edited 2016-09-25 15:36)

Just played for the first time and i have to say that is fantastic! Very well done. The juggling mechanics is a great idea!


P#29373 2016-09-25 12:02 ( Edited 2016-09-25 16:02)

This is lovely.
Digging everything except the undewhelming title screen

P#29374 2016-09-25 12:03 ( Edited 2016-09-25 16:03)

It's looking really good now ! I think this has the makings of being "THE" breakout game for PICO. Bar none. :D

P#29376 2016-09-25 12:10 ( Edited 2016-09-25 16:10)

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