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Sometimes, especially when working with animations, I prefer using GraphicsGale than Pico's internal editor. So I'd be glad if I could copy/paste sprites to/from standard image editing programs. As of how palette thing would work when pasting, if pixel is "unknown" (not in pico's palette), color with closest r/g/b values from palette would be used.

So e.g. if I have some pixels that are totally blue (#00FF00), when pasting those pixels will be changed to closest color in pico's palette which is 1 (I think) in this case.

Alternatively import/export of spritesheet from/to png file would be welcome, with same color conversion process when importing as when proposed pasting.

P#16140 2015-11-02 21:14 ( Edited 2016-06-27 22:46)

Importing / exporting .pngs is in for 0.1.4 and does a palette match on import.

P#16172 2015-11-03 12:48 ( Edited 2015-11-03 17:48)


like tears...in...rain

P#16194 2015-11-03 18:47 ( Edited 2015-11-03 23:47)

Ooooohhhhhh! how far off is 0.1.4? ;)

P#16273 2015-11-05 11:03 ( Edited 2015-11-05 16:03)

...what went with this feature? I never heard anything of importing .png ever again, or did I overseen something?

P#22990 2016-06-16 09:58 ( Edited 2016-06-16 13:58)

Simple as that - use it often to do editing in photoshop and reimporting the sprite map...

P#22991 2016-06-16 10:05 ( Edited 2016-06-16 14:05)

It's in the manual:

To import or export the spritesheet as a .png:

import("blah.png") -- expects 128x128 png and colour-fits to the pico-8 palette
export("blah.png") -- use folder() to locate the exported png

P#22992 2016-06-16 10:05 ( Edited 2016-06-16 14:05)

OT: Just have to give matt props for getting the quote right. :)

P#23007 2016-06-16 14:25 ( Edited 2016-06-16 18:25)

I write a little tool, that converts .png to .p8 (not using the map).

P#23761 2016-06-27 17:48 ( Edited 2016-06-27 22:50)

what directory are you peeps saving your file to import in? :)

edit: just used folder()

P#23768 2016-06-27 18:46 ( Edited 2016-06-28 10:27)

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