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Cart #21201 | 2016-05-23 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

The object of the game is to blast enemy aircraft out of the sky... and dodge ground missiles!!! Zero in on enemy planes! Bank left, bank right, dive, climb out! Watch your elevation! Keep track of the fuel! Run out of ammo...land and refuel...take off again!

For Your PICO-8 Video Game System
You should download and play it though, the web player seems to break some minor things.


Update 1.0.2b:
Fixed bug with reset causing the cartridge saving icon to appear.
b: Restore btn on reset

Update 1.0.1a:
Enemy won't fly so low to the ground
Changed rain effect to lines
Smoothed out rotation
Fixed rain effect when rotating and takeoff
Reduced ground strike effect
Added safe zone
Markers are brightened at night

Update 1.0.0:
The original version.

Older Versions:



P#16866 2015-11-21 23:37 ( Edited 2016-05-24 00:07)

Good job, little one. :3

P#16867 2015-11-21 23:38 ( Edited 2015-11-22 04:38)

I can't figure out how to take off D: any tips?

P#16868 2015-11-22 00:06 ( Edited 2015-11-22 05:06)

When you start a game, and after you refuel, press the Z BUTTON. The runway lights appear to move as your plane starts to move. When you gain speed (about 4 seconds), press down on the ARROW KEYS for takeoff.

If you try to take off before gaining enough speed, you will crash! Wait too long before takeoff and you will run out of runway. You'll quickly get the hang of the timing!

EDIT: Corrected button in manual

P#16870 2015-11-22 00:28 ( Edited 2015-11-22 06:09)

... No, you press Z to take off. X resets the game.

P#16871 2015-11-22 01:06 ( Edited 2015-11-22 06:06)

I suppose you'd call this a minimalistic flight sim. It's really fun, though! Feels like you're flying a plane, even with very little frame of reference beyond a green horizon line and of course the enemy planes.

Sometimes it got a little weird, for instance I would be shooting at enemies who turned out to be so low to the ground that I would crash into the ground trying to fly low enough to shoot them! How low were they?? ...Other than that I saw no serious problems with the game. I love the rainy day effects that occur sort of at random, they look great.

Also... I figured out how to take off, but I haven't been able to land! What am I supposed to just restart the game by pressing X when I've run out of fuel?

P#16873 2015-11-22 01:23 ( Edited 2015-11-22 06:23)

To refuel, lower your altitude to 0 (carefully!!) and wait there for a moment for the runway to reappear. Caution: Refueling will take away all your remaining ammo and grant you ammo based on how many hits you landed during that flight, so make sure you've used every shot to it's fullest potential first.

When you've eventually and inevitably landed less than 10 hits in a flight and safely made it back to the ground, that's it. You're done.

P#16874 2015-11-22 01:27 ( Edited 2015-11-22 06:27)

I like it! Nice rain, and I like the whole takeoff element. (Even if it did take some doing to get right.) Though I'd have really liked to have an altimeter, maybe even radar.

P#16880 2015-11-22 08:37 ( Edited 2015-11-22 13:37)

Updated the Cartridge (three times infact ... a tiny bug would pop up when I fixed something)

See the Changelog in the main post.
Also you should download and play this, the web player seems to break some sound effects, making them slower? or skippy?

P#16889 2015-11-22 16:14 ( Edited 2015-11-22 21:14)

I've landed exactly once, every other attempt I got hit by the random missiles and crashed into the ground.

P#17045 2015-11-25 17:15 ( Edited 2015-11-25 22:15)

Cool game, I like the simple but realy effective gameplay

P#17112 2015-11-27 18:54 ( Edited 2015-11-27 23:54)

Very challenging!

P#17194 2015-11-29 14:39 ( Edited 2015-11-29 19:39)

I like the custom cartridge image. :3

This game needs more attention, I think it got largely missed because everyone's busy with the Pico-8 Jam. u.u;

P#17316 2015-12-01 06:56 ( Edited 2015-12-01 11:56)

Seeing as this game is now broken thanks to 0.1.6, will be fixing it up.

EDIT: And fixed.

P#21193 2016-05-23 18:21 ( Edited 2016-05-23 22:43)

Looks pretty good so far! Good game, you should improve a few things, starting with a game title or a presentation :P It reminds me a lot of A-10 Cuba, an old Win95 game I used to have when I was a kid. Anyway, keep up the good work!

P#21198 2016-05-23 19:02 ( Edited 2016-05-23 23:02)

Huh? This is finished. It doesn't need a title screen or a presentation.

EDIT: Forgot to fix btn on reset, game should now be properly fixed.

P#21202 2016-05-23 19:32 ( Edited 2016-05-23 23:32)

This is a complete port of Air Raiders from the Atari 2600! That's why is finished. Everything is exactly like before!

I'd like to see more ports, like keystone kapers! But I don't know if this would atract attention from the publishers.

P#21203 2016-05-23 19:41 ( Edited 2016-05-23 23:41)

Great work gamax92!

P#21204 2016-05-23 19:41 ( Edited 2016-05-23 23:41)

Once again another great port of an old classic. you really nailed the look of the atari.

P#21206 2016-05-23 20:07 ( Edited 2016-05-24 00:07)

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