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How to use

Open the music editor, select the specified INSTRUENTS_ID, and then copy and paste the --[[pod_type="instrument"]] line below.

## elec bass

## metal scratch

## buzz bass

It may be useful to save the text in the picotron drive.

P#146247 2024-04-10 06:58 ( Edited 2024-04-10 07:05)


Fun patches! The metal scratch is cool - we might have to go figure out how you did that!

P#146308 2024-04-10 18:42

Very cool! How can I make a pod to share like this out of an instrument patch?

P#146332 2024-04-11 02:06 ( Edited 2024-04-11 02:07)


Thanks both of you!

If you CTRL+C the instrument you created in the instrument editor, it will copy the pod to the clipboard!
(running on picotron v0.1.0e)

P#146334 2024-04-11 02:30 ( Edited 2024-04-11 02:30)

@shiftalow thank you!! I am going to get to work making some pads!

P#146467 2024-04-12 16:22

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