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Could someone explain how glitch effects similar to Benjamin Soulé's Mr.Beam were done? No code as much as an overview.

Thanks in advance.

P#13533 2015-09-01 22:44 ( Edited 2015-09-02 04:55)


My guess is he used memcpy at random lines of the screen buffer to get the 'shifting' effect, and the text jumble at the top is just an overdraw.

there is a 8k frame buffer located in memory that has a linear packed image, if you just copy random bits to random other locations, you can glitch it out.

o1 = flr(rnd(0x1F00)) + 0x6040
o2 = o1 + flr(rnd(0x4)-0x2)
len = flr(rnd(0x40))

P#13536 2015-09-01 23:01 ( Edited 2015-09-02 03:08)

yeah that's what I do in picoracer during a crash, just memcpy random memory to the screen, looks nice! not sure about mr beam.

P#13541 2015-09-02 00:55 ( Edited 2015-09-02 04:55)

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