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Cart #bbb_01_aesc-0 | 2023-04-13 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Spring is here... sheep are still dumb.

Chase sheep into their pen; as many as you can before time runs out! Each sheep successfully herded extends your time. Sadly, the sheep aren't particularly bothered about co-operating. Good luck!

Controls: Move with Arrow Keys

Thanks for playing!

This is my first game, first complete coding project... first post?! Started teaching myself to code at the start of the year, and this is the first result. I haven't really looked at many forums etc (including this one), because I wanted to complete the first project myself before getting input from other people etc. But I do plan to be more active going forward!

My goals for this game were pretty simple:

  • A full game with a title screen, an end state and the ability to restart.
  • Animated graphics and a soundtrack (I did both!)
  • Make the sheep feel vaguely realistic.

I really enjoyed using Pico-8 for this project. The limitations of the system inherently let me set limits on scope-creep and made sure I was aiming for something that was actually possible for me to complete. I figured that finishing projects is pretty important to learning coding- this seems to be advice that I've seen in a few different places and not necessarily just in this field. Note that making the game fun wasn't specifically within my scope! ;P I've been a lot more focused on making sure the functionality is there... imo the result is more "funny" than "fun". Game design is hard!

I'd really love to hear any feedback you folks have for this project, especially around the code if anyone has the time and patience to have a look through. However, bear in mind I'm pretty done with this game now so will be incorporating that feedback into whatever I'm working on next. If you find any bugs, I'll be much more likely to try to fix them though!


P#128516 2023-04-13 23:16

Fun concept. Music is 10/10.

P#128524 2023-04-14 03:04

Fantastic soundtrack! Well done for first completed project!

P#128528 2023-04-14 07:13

Thanks both! Music was the “fun” part for when I got frustrated with the programming…

P#128538 2023-04-14 13:08

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa why am I so slow

P#129127 2023-04-29 12:30

Yeah, congrats on your first game! Love the warping VFX, the music is great, gfx are cute and the game feel is not bad too!

Admittedly the player feels slow, but it works with the small, enclosed space. Having a faster player would probably have required a bigger game space for maintaining a good challenge. Also, the sheep behaviour feels really good I think.

I had fun playing! Scored 16. I have no idea if it's a good score of not. :P

P#132461 2023-07-27 15:04

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