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Rather than a bug it is a help post.

In my keyboad I have to press [alt gr]+ [7]or [0(zero)] to type surly brackets {}

But, in pico 8 edu edition [alt gr] + [7] and [0] captures image or toggles keyboard cursor..

Is there any alternatives to type {} rather than copying and pasting ??

NOTE: I am usin a "Q Turkhish keyboard"

I don't want to do complicated things :(

P#125524 2023-02-08 12:43

I would call that a bug. It means [alt gr] is being interpreted as alt+ctrl and then the hotkeys are interpreting alt+ctrl as just ctrl. This is especially a problem given that pico-8 doesn't seem to accept [alt] + number as a way to enter in unicode.

I recommend putting in checks to make sure that only one of the two is down. That would be more in line with the usually recommendation to not have hotkeys register both, for this very situation.

P#125527 2023-02-08 13:17

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