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New to Pico-8 and Coding stuff..

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Pico-8 Cheatsheet, Original by: LightBWK

Zoom in or out, i tried to keep texts as big as possible for those phones that smoothens the picture when zoomed in.

I hope it is helpfull ~

P#125582 2023-02-09 13:56

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Rather than a bug it is a help post.

In my keyboad I have to press [alt gr]+ [7]or [0(zero)] to type surly brackets {}

But, in pico 8 edu edition [alt gr] + [7] and [0] captures image or toggles keyboard cursor..

Is there any alternatives to type {} rather than copying and pasting ??

NOTE: I am usin a "Q Turkhish keyboard"

I don't want to do complicated things :(

P#125524 2023-02-08 12:43