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Hello there!

I just purchased PICO-8 and would like to start using it. However, my ESC key does not seem to be working inside the PICO-8 application. Something similar happens for the newer versions of Minecraft, but I couldn't tell you why. Even across a different keyboard, this still happens.

I have a feeling this isn't going to be an easy fix, so if you want to add me on discord to help investigate this further, my account is Archonic#1070.


P#119022 2022-10-13 00:52

I have a m1 macbook pro and on 0.2.5c it works for me,
I would think this is your computer specifically but ya that's weird :o

P#119026 2022-10-13 01:51

Come to think of it... my esc key doesn't work in Firefox either. But it still works in 1.8 minecraft?!?! Is that the ONLY app it works in??

I need to do some testing. But until then, could anyone direct me on how to renbind this key?

P#119039 2022-10-13 11:13

I have turned off Siri, which seems to have fixed the problem. Goddammit, apple...

My ESC key is functioning properly now. If anyone else has this problem feel free to try the same!

P#119040 2022-10-13 11:23

Superb find, @Archonic ! You know my ESC key gave out a couple of weeks ago cause I was trying out some RPG. I had left it running in the background when I went to code in Pico-8 and sure enough - it was locked out.

Glad you found the solution ! I would clearly contact APPLE on that little discrepancy.

P#119051 2022-10-13 17:22

I just want to record for anyone googling that disabling Siri (which fortunately I was not actually using anyway) also fixed the broken escape key for pico-8 v0.2.5g (released 2023) on my M1 macbook running macos 12.6.

This is probably properly a bug in pico-8 but I understand why fixing it from within a multi-platform graphics app may not be easy.

P#132757 2023-08-05 10:23

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