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I managed to finish the game

P#110840 2022-04-25 16:22

better than minecraft

P#113551 2022-06-23 21:11

I'm not sure how saving/loading is supposed to work. I saved my game and it didn't seem to do anything because my clipboard still had the last thing I copied on it.

P#113554 2022-06-23 22:41

Cool game!
But in my Miyoo Mini (using Fake-08) I can't load my saved games :(
So everytime I want to play, I had to start from 0
The Load Game menu will only head to "Press Ctrl-V then press C/V" only which I can't do it on my Miyoo Mini.
Any advise? Thanks

P#116164 2022-08-23 08:06

Nice game but can't play it for long, the constant screen shaking gives me headaches. Darn motion sickness. -.-
Can you add an option to disable the screen shaking?

P#116382 2022-08-28 11:20

Fun game. Just don't confuse bricks for walls for the sailboat recipe like I did :P
It would be nice if mulch could be placed down to make dirt paths, or for dwellings to prevent things from generating on top. Also an option to show the entire map for showing off our bases.

P#117134 2022-09-10 04:54

So its forager, but the dev hasnt thrown a hissy fit yeet?

P#119522 2022-10-24 20:47

@NippeliFaktaa what do you mean?

P#119526 2022-10-24 22:38

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