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Every now and then I get directed to a BBS post with a cart that I genuinely to see, but which is making my headphones screech into my ears because it's so loud.

Thing is, I already have both my system volume and my app-specific browser volume set to sensible levels for all other content, so I can't reasonably dial down the volume pre-emptively.

Unfortunately, sometimes it's appropriate for a game to do something loud, albeit briefly, so I wouldn't expect you to limit it in the player either.

Really, I think the solution is to have a slider of some sort on the web player. Even if it's limited to 8 different levels, like PICO-8 is internally, that'd help.

Maybe if the user right-clicks (or presses and holds) on the speaker icon, it pops up a slider that can be adjusted?

I dunno if it should be persistent and/or global. For reference, Youtube seems to be both, i.e. the most recent change you made becomes the default for the next video, regardless of how many windows you have open with different settings.


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pause with enter/p and select options theres a slider

P#111993 2022-05-18 14:18

I think they're talking about the fact it doesn't persist blakery, I would also enjoy it if it remembered somehow.

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I think the fact that I've been on the BBS for something like four or five years and never thought to do that would say something about how poor of an option it is, even though I agree that it works.

  • It's not obvious

  • It's buried two layers deep inside the player while the mute button is surfaced directly

Obviously the internal volume control is needed for direct-run handheld PICO-8 hardware that has no border with controls for touchscreens or mice, but when that border is there, my experience here would indicate that it probably causes the user not to realize/remember there are two ways to control volume.

Also, the volume control within the game isn't likely to be global across games, and I'd actually suggest it should be.

So, thanks very much for the tip, but my suggestion still stands.

Edit @zep:

Maybe replace the || pause button with a gear icon? That would be more intuitive for someone looking for further options. Though perhaps less intuitive for someone wanting to pause the game. Hmm. Maybe go with the ≡ hamburger menu icon instead, which has gained traction as a "pause/options/system menu" icon over the years.

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