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Pico Lemonade
Copyright (c) 2022 by Chris Pepin

Do you have what it takes to sell lemonade? How many glasses should you make each day? How much advertising to you need? What price will net you the most cash? Will the weather cooperate?

Answer all these questions and more in this upgraded port of the classic 1973 game Lemonade Stand!

You're a video game starved student looking to earn a couple of extra bucks. You have until the end of summer to sell enough lemonade to bring your savings up so you can buy the latest video game console! You're so close, but will you make it in time?

Plays great on PC with the keyboard or on a handheld like the Gameforce Chi

5 different game modes. (2 hidden)(Can you find them?)

Special Thanks

Bob Jamison - For Creating Lemonade Stand in 1973

Charlie Kellner - Who ported Lemonade Stand to the Apple II in 1979

DW817 - For His Two Digit Merchant Code and thunder sfx

Michael Mahon, David E. Gobel, Jeff Horn and Andy Poe - For helping me decipher the underlying economics of the game.

Joseph White (aka Zep) for creating Pico-8

P#108827 2022-03-18 03:05 ( Edited 2022-03-18 11:46)


Ah ! This is definitely the old Apple ][ original. Nicely done, @technohat ! Gold star work.
Glad my code could help you, too. It definitely fits in for input here.

P#108835 2022-03-18 06:16 ( Edited 2022-03-18 06:18)

Thanks! Your code was a big help! Your thunder sound effect is also a whole lot better than the pathetic attempt I had made to do thunder, so thanks for that too!

P#108844 2022-03-18 11:35

This must have been one of the most ported games back in the 80s. I first played it at school on an obscure Australian computer called the MicroBee. And now it's on PICO-8. Nice work!

P#108881 2022-03-19 07:27

Very cool! Lemonade stand was one of my favourite games for the Commodore 64 and my first ever finished pico-8 game! Great job!

P#109209 2022-03-26 18:34

Thanks! I'm glad you all like it!

P#109226 2022-03-27 01:38

And my thunder sound too, @technohat. Glad to help. While I know Pico-8 is not capable of true WAV files let us hope that Picotron is and I can post my TRUE thunder sound for it.

P#109227 2022-03-27 02:56

dude, this is great! its very strategic and its fun to play during class. (im gonna fail) one question though, how much money exactly is the games console?

P#109324 2022-03-28 16:36 ( Edited 2022-03-28 17:30)

The cost varies depending on which mode you are in.

15 days

You need to earn $30 to add to your savings in order to buy the game console

30 days

You need to earn $60 to add to your savings in order to buy the game console

45 days

You need to earn $90 to add to your savings in order to buy the game console

There are also two hidden modes. Here's the modes and how they affect the cost

hidden mode 1

Easy mode reduces the cost to $25 for 15 days, $50 for 30 days and $75 for 45 days.

hidden mode 2

Hard mode increase the price to $40 for 15 days, $80 for 60 days and $120 for 45 days. hard mode is really hard, so don't be surprised if you fail a bunch of times.

The hidden modes can be found by pressing certain button combinations on the initial title screen. Look at the following hidden text to reveal the combinations.

up and the o button for easy mode and down and the o button for hard mode.

P#109328 2022-03-28 18:29 ( Edited 2022-03-29 11:27)

thanks man!

P#109333 2022-03-28 19:57

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