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P#101474 2021-12-04 22:15

Oh my gosh!!!! how @dm1940k ????

P#101500 2021-12-05 01:00

Here is an easter egg I just found. Try to find this.

P#101548 2021-12-05 14:20

@PixelMarshal The coinless just took a ton of tries and getting good at no-stamina jumps. Had to find good paths too. The any% was a little luck and a lot of reseting. There are one or two key paths that I screw up a lot, but if you can pull those off you can just fly (figuratively). The 2:19 run was done by punching through the game wall on screen two where the green coin is stuck under the overhang (also how I got 2:30 in 1.0, but that let me slide all the way through the last three screens and has since been patched out). I've since figured out a path that skips that glitch and relies solely on no-stamina jumps that is faster. I think if my fingers are up to it, a sub 2 minute any% run is possible.

@Knack That's pretty cool. I'm assuming that's above the flag screen, but I haven't figured out how to trigger the end text while up there yet.

P#101553 2021-12-05 17:04

@dm1940k It's pretty easy. Get all the gold coins. Then at least 1 green coin (2 is much easier), then you start climbing PAST the flag. Continue this by climbing the edge of the screen until you fall off-screen. Now you just jump and walk around randomly and then you can (luckily) find this "secret" flag.

P#101608 2021-12-06 08:16 ( Edited 2021-12-06 09:13)

Yayyy! Got easter egg in coinless!

P#101613 2021-12-06 10:17

not sure how but i did it

got all coins too

P#101648 2021-12-06 19:49

Found a new flag color!

P#101844 2021-12-07 04:19

@dm1940k That's totally amazing! I haven't got that "without falling" 'cause i don't know how :)

P#101848 2021-12-07 05:51

holy crapp WR and the first sub 2 min run!!??

P#102201 2021-12-09 18:03

@teni_boi congrats, that's incredible! Thanks so much for playing

P#102229 2021-12-09 21:28

Here it is the sub 1:30

P#102506 2021-12-12 22:49

@teni_boi I have found that mega clip too (I think we are talking about the same thing) but still it's amazing! Congratulations!

P#102541 2021-12-13 06:08

Wow, to think I might be the catalyst for this lol, congratz!

P#102791 2021-12-15 04:17

holy crap this is the end, you cant get sub 1:09 because this run is perfect in every way the only way to beat this is by finding a glitch or skip that is faster than all the skips and glitches that are already in the game this is crazy.

P#103383 2021-12-23 01:45

@Knack and @PixelMarshal thanks for the suport :)

P#103384 2021-12-23 01:48

holy crap i found a mini skip that saves 1 second, i think im done with this game soon. BTW do you like my logo i made it myself took half
an hour lol

P#103396 2021-12-23 09:24

Hello i just recorded a 1:10 run if you want to se my strats

P#103400 2021-12-23 11:33

Very nice! The level design in great and overall very enjoyable.

P#103904 2021-12-31 13:52

Not the most impressive time but here it is! Nice game!

P#104110 2022-01-02 14:15

I have found like 2 bugs in the game, but still a great game

P#105298 2022-01-18 04:00

all the way to the top

P#107102 2022-02-17 13:28

so I got to the top but wanted to see if there was anything higher so I jumped all the way up and used all three of my green coins and I got so high I got to a level that had no walls and I got out of bounds and I could not get back in

P#107238 2022-02-19 10:42

I beat it without any green coins which took a lot of brain power that I didn't have.

P#107938 2022-03-02 19:17 ( Edited 2022-03-02 19:18)

Its finaly done i beat my time of 1:08 after 2 months, Im so happy :)

P#108373 2022-03-10 07:16

How do you get the "without falling"

P#108387 2022-03-10 14:31

@Knack I think you get it by not going back to a previus screen maybe

And if not maybe you can ask @TylerRDavis

Btw it wont let me post any more cuz it thinks im spamming lol so im posting my mega fluke on this post to

I dont know how i did it but i think if one more skip that saves 1 to 2 secs there will be a sub 1 min run I think i playd perfectly this run tough -_- im literly shaking right now lol

P#108389 2022-03-10 15:01 ( Edited 2022-03-10 17:25)

You get it by never letting your stamina get to zero.

P#108392 2022-03-10 15:22

@TylerRDavis I saw your ko-fi page, and i would love to donate for alpine ascent 2 but i have a problem im 13
and i dont have that type of money(youre aiming for 100 dollars right) so i might just donate a little bit of off money (when i get money)

Im also a bit confused if its 100 dollars or 10 dollars cuz idk if translates dollars to sek automaticly or not. correct me if im wrong!

I live in sweden thats why lol :D

P#108394 2022-03-10 17:40

@teni_boi it’s 100$ Usd

P#108395 2022-03-10 18:09
P#108400 2022-03-10 19:58

Got trought first "level" coinless using that
.anstaminless walljump tech

P#108892 2022-03-19 13:14

i climbed past the final screen, and used a stamina coin with al gold coins to climb higher, i made it somwhere i wasnt supposed to and got stuck on the outside of the map, please send help :(

P#109757 2022-04-05 19:08

I done a speedrun my time was:04:09

Then i done a glitch were if at the end you continue to go up you can go out of bounds at the left and the heigth was 3085 and if you continue going down the heigth goes to 3085 to 3285.
But after some time you stop and you cannot go down anymore.

On the rigth side you can go instatly out of bounds and go like 5/7 boxes down the starting area until the game stops you. doing this glitch is usless becaue 1) it takes you noware 2)there is no glitchy stuff out of bounds(intennding the boxes down starting point)

P#111778 2022-05-13 11:57 ( Edited 2022-05-13 12:30)

this game should be on speed run.com

P#114011 2022-07-07 03:15

My try on coinless%

P#114111 2022-07-09 13:04

Speedrun without gold coins.

P#117520 2022-09-16 15:00

I hate the flashing tiles that waste your stamina. Maybe add an easy mode that removes these, or at least make them sap energy less or slower. Also remove green coins for a hard mode.

P#121479 2022-11-27 14:34

BTW very fun game. Also for other difficulty levels you could add or remove some screens.

P#121482 2022-11-27 14:36

Very neat idea, love it!

P#127362 2023-03-20 13:52

So I thought it would be maybe possible to beat i without upgrades but it is! Doin it without upgrades personally makes it more fun but overall good game

P#130160 2023-05-26 00:01

I love this, it's like jump king but I don't feel like I wanna die when I fall, rather it's more fun TO fall

P#130215 2023-05-27 14:54

My sibling won the game.

P#141514 2024-02-15 06:37

Totally won the game but I tried to keep going up... now I'm stuck outside the world and falling. But it's a really nice and chill game

P#145208 2024-03-31 03:12 ( Edited 2024-03-31 03:12)
P#145227 2024-03-31 09:23

Fy first run with no coins + no falling

P#147226 2024-04-24 02:58

Did you know that you can change the map width with poke(0x5f57,new_width) ?
You still have to get the old map data with mget (or peek) and set the new map with mset (or poke),
but after that, you have a nice 512l x 16c map without need for screen transitions.

Here's a small demo of you map remapped as 512x16

Cart #pizekawebe-0 | 2024-04-26 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

P#147364 2024-04-26 09:42 ( Edited 2024-04-26 10:00)

Found a softlock

P#147711 2024-05-01 11:05

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