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Thought I'd start a thread for other azerty users documenting what works and doesn't, and let Zep knows he has at least one guinea pig handy for testing :D

So, what works:

  • code input is mostly fine, keyboard is recognized in azerty mode with a few caveats
  • "game mode" (when running cartridges) changes the input to qwerty (Z is remapped to W, Q to A...) which is actually cool since we get the same layout as qwerty users for playing.

What doesn't:

  • accented vowels ("é","à","è"...). Those glyphs aren't available in pico-8 anyway afaik.
  • several potentially useful glyphs: "&", "#","|","`","\","@","$",";". Those can be cut/pasted from a text editor.
  • curly braces "{}" and square brackets "[]". Can be cut/pasted as well.

TL;DR: Pico-8 is mostly usable for AZERTY-using devs (as long as you don't mind a bit of copy/pasting), and you can play the games without issues.

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