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= Info =
"Over the Garden Wall (Ep. 1-3)" is a 2D Pico-8 Zelda-inspired adventure game where you play the titular characters introduced to us by Cartoon Network's gem of a mini-series of the same name, Over the Garden Wall. The story spans the first 3 episodes of the show: "The Old Grist Mill", "Hard Times at the Huskin' Bee", & "Schooltown Follies".

This Pico-8 game was completed after on-and-off efforts over 3 years (first commit was Sept '21). The Pico-8 game uses 96.6% of available tokens and 99.99% of the compressed capacity.

= Controls =

= Features of this game include =

  • 7 Stages: Boot, Menu Scene, Main Menu, Controls, Intro Song, Play Map, & Game Over
  • A retro GBA-inspired boot sequence
  • Full screen intro menu scene from original show image
  • Main menu with 4 randomized characters & show-accurate logo
  • Controls menu displaying how to play the game
  • Randomized frog name on each run
  • Intro singing frog sequence and full song
  • Story for first 3 episodes (Mill, Pottsfield, & Schoolhouse)
  • More than 50+ story beats
  • 130+ lines of dialog
  • 21 distinct characters, with map and dialog sprites
  • 3 hidden rock facts to find
  • 7 hidden Edelwoods to find
  • 6 useable items
  • Achievement system w/ 7 achievements
  • Game Over screen with score total based on time spent and achievement counts
  • NPC behaviors like chasing candy/player, walking in loop, going to new position
  • 13 distinct maps, 7 exterior, 6 interior, and 5 distinct buildings
  • 1 secret room!
  • Fog-of-war type darkness with partial visibility & tile discovery system
  • Lurking eyes in the darkness
    Party members & active party swap mechanics
  • Map-locking trigger system which hints to player how to progress (e.g. “leave a candy”)
  • Sprite world element randomization - e.g. specific tree textures are random each run
  • Play map UI for active character, item, map title
  • Player selection system with item descriptor texts and NPC idle texts

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