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13 Jumps
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Cart #thirteen_jumps-0 | 2023-10-28 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Shoot your way through asteroid fields and hordes of enemies in this short space roguelite. Power your ship, repair components, fight through random-generated levels... or die and try again. Can you make 13 jumps?


⬆️ or 🅾️     main drive (accelerate)
⬅️ ➡️         thrusters (turn)
❎             cannons
⬇️             jump drive (when online)


Scavenge the asteroid fields to find energy crystals and power your ship's jump drive.

Outrun or fight the abominations that pursue you.

Collect enough energy crystals to power your jump drive and jump away safely before the time runs out. If you don't, it will catch up to you.

Use the remaining energy after each jump to repair your ship's broken modules, giving you a better fighting chance.

Each jump takes you to another, progressively more challenging area.
Safety awaits you if you can make 13 jumps.


Design, code, sound & music: Raymond Gobler

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