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Cart #8109 | 2013-12-26 | Embed ▽ | No License

Hey guys,
Today I made ​​a few days "level" I'll show you.
The name of the newly created level "THE MIGHT SOLDIER".

However, right now, is still making the soldiers were shooting, making it difficult to get a monster.
Because English is not very good, and I read a Korean translator to turn the English language because the current write it but cant hear, please understand.

But I'll try try as far as possible.
If not just forced to stop production :-(

So long does it take quite a long wait for the 0.2 version made ​​us.

Version 0.2 update plan

  • Increase map
  • Item model changes
  • The new enemy
  • New animation
  • Displays the version of the logo under a plan
  • If the complaint is a little logo I will clear the blood of
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Cart #8012 | 2013-12-08 | Embed ▽ | No License

hey guys.

Squeezed out by the time you created a week "Level" is.
As I said the other day, even the name of the "Lost Temple" is still the finished version now.

I "Level" for the first time, because it was created to launch the projectile failed to make a little sadly.
But I made, "Level" I would really appreciate it and have fun play.


  • Add some of the maps
  • Item, adding new enemies
  • Golem model changes
  • Additional Boss
  • Add Easter Egg

If the play is uncomfortable at any point, please post in the strapping.

P#8013 2013-12-07 20:19 ( Edited 2013-12-08 03:24)

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Good afternoon. New accounts last week "naswordtorp" is.
Tron I've been copied from the other day is now "level" I'm currently making.
Adventure mode is finished'm a very long time ago. :-)

So I made ​​this time "level" of the "Lost temple" is.
The user has forgotten a long time ago, "won the Temple" while exploring the inside of the "Red Wand" game of defeating the enemy.

Sooner or later this week, so I am back in the 0.2 version.
Version 0.2 has changed the starting place, or will cause a new monster.

P#7966 2013-12-01 01:10 ( Edited 2013-12-02 18:47)

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