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Hello there! My name is Wafflet and welcome to my page! So I'm new to this sort of coding. Been a coder for a bit now and loved the games I've seen on here so why not give it a try! While I am at it, why not tag along anyone who is interested with me. I'll be doing these blogs on what I learn at the end of each week. Want to see a brand new game dev's perspective/upbringing on what he learns and probably gets mad at each week? Then follow!

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Starting With Basics:

Right off the bat I got used to the environment. Seeing all the different menus, EVERYTHING IS CAPTIAL, where code goes and general feels. I really do like the aesthetic of the whole environment. Than I began like anyone does with going to YouTube and typing pico 8! Coming from C++ and Java the set up was interesting to learn. _Init, _Update and _Draw are all different functions to put certain other functions in, how crazy! With the tutorials I learned basic of variable setup and making shapes on screen AND MADE MY FIRST PICO 8 PRODUCT! I call it .rainbowshape which just creates a rainbow shape go figure:

<- Wow now that looks cool I think...

Sprites Are Hard

With the basics underway I began tutorials on 2D sprite movement and notice how bad I am at pixel art. Granted I have never done it before but trying to draw a little guy is harder than it seems. I have to think about size and shape? What if I want to make an octopus, how do I do draw that in 8-bit??? BUT with some more practice I actually made a little Link's Awakening prototype.

I think going from the tutorial of one little guy to a whole little link is an improvement in my eyes for only a week!

What the tutorial taught me

What I created using the tutorial

Closing Remarks:

Overall I think this will be the start of something I find neat! My next plan is fixing the weird movement in my Link game. For some reason he jumps back and forth many spaces when pressing the button again. But my overall plan is making one decent game by the end of summer break and hopefully fulfill that goal? Whatever the case I know I'll be screaming a lot along the way wooooooo!

Until next time,
See yah! See yah!

-Wafflet 🧇

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