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Hi, everyone.

Fairly new programmer here, and still fairly new to PICO-8.

I was pondering how to take simple games and give them a unique twist (i.e., something I could actually create as a newbie) and I came up with 4-Pong.

4-Pong is basically Pong, but you control all 4 paddles at once (they move in sync). Every 150 points, the game speeds up, and every 300 points, you gain a new life.

I tried to keep it as simple as possible.

Any and all feedback is very much appreciated!

Best wishes and thanks,

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Hi there!

New PICO-8 programmer and relatively new programmer in general.

I'm making a very simple "pong" game just to get the hang of PICO-8 and Lua, but I can't figure out how to start a game paused. I considered setting a variable "paused" and flip it between 0 and 1 using keyboard input (and then running the update functions when paused = 0), but then it would have to be the Z or X key which I might use later on for something else.

How does everyone else handle this? Or can you point me to a web-resource that explains the best way to handle this?

Thanks for putting up with newbie questions!


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