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Hi, I'm messing around with exporting binaries and stumbled upon this.

Exporting html works fine.
Running it as admin doesn't solve it.
Why could be the cause?

Thanks, have a good day.

P#95102 2021-07-20 21:46

Hi there.

I wonder if this is a bug.
I'm messing around with pico 8 trying to make a shmup and after woking for a while in the shooting mechanics of enemies and player I decided to start with the level design.
The thing is I drew some enemies on the map just to try things out and now my spritesheet is showing some strange artifacts as if it had become corrupted.
Is this normal?

Thanks, have a good day.



P#94813 2021-07-13 22:14

Hi all!
I'm pleased to announce that my Rock Band clone for Pico-8 is going fast.

I'm working on improving the algorithm that builds the notes for the song based on the SFXs.
Still a long way to go, BUT I'm ready to maybe start working on the songs when I get stuck coding.

What songs do you guys like? I'm speaking about well known Rock and Pop songs that you would like to play.
Please no obscure songs, or Prog rock with 1000 parts xD.

Basically, what's your favorite mainstream song?

Cheers, have a good day!

P#94006 2021-06-25 01:06

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