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Hi! I am Wall Jump Games! I am a London based aspiring indie dev, and I am intrigued by the possibilites of Lexaloffle's tools, so I am here in prep for the day I dive into Voxatron and/or Pico-8

The reasoning behind this is rather simplistic. I have only published games for Windows and Mac (and these days I struggle with even getting out for windows) and so I inherently don't get many plays on any of my games. HOWEVER, Pico-8 allows for easy export to Windows, Mac, Linux, and best of all, Web! So my jam games will get max exposure. I also find it hard to work on a blank canvas with no constraints, but Pico-8 has a lot of constraints that could help get my creative juices flowing. It is also a far more code based creation platform than anything I've ever used before, so it'll teach me some ins and outs of how a language works than a standard engine, and maybe with the few inbuilt tools and easy to learn language it provides (Lua) I could use as a stepping stone to use frameworks and code engines like HaxeFlixel or Pygame. I never intend to use it outside of game jams, as my engine (GMS2) is very much good, and not the reason I am thinking of picking up this tool, other than when learning the engine (or maybe I will learn it for a game jam, who knows , not me, that's for certain) Anyway thanks for reading my ramble, I'll post more here when I start actually using Pico-8! Peace out for now :)

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