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You are now the ruler of a kingdom! Your job is to keep the people of the kingdom happy also while not going broke. You also don't want to make them too happy or get too rich or the emperor will have you executed!

You will be asked a series of question that you must answer yes or no to. Depending on your answer your gold and influence will either go up or down. Keep them balanced! Will you be able to get a good score?

key features:

-Just text. No sprites or graphics to look at just text!

-Some times the color of the text will change!

-The game will keep track of your hi score!

-There are like 10 questions the game will cycle through!

You can go play the game now... there isn't much else here to read.

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Welcome to Tiny Dungeon Explorer!

In this small game you will explorer a dungeon and kill enemies. Enemies will drop gold when killed and you can use that gold to buy weapon upgrades so you can get further into the dungeon.

~Why should you play this game?~

-About 30 minutes of gameplay at most!

-10 levels of basic turn based RPG goodness!

-2 weapon upgrades!

-As many health potions as you can afford!

-A good feeling in your heart knowing that you just played someone's game

What are you waiting for GO PLAY IT!

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