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by Fresh-D
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How to Play

Welcome to Manbomber, an explosive homage to the old-time multiplayer classic made with PICO-8! In this game, your goal is to drop bombs on the battlefield to eliminate all other players in time and be the last manbomber standing.

The game can be played with up to 4 players battling each other. While in the 2-player mode, both players can use the same keyboard to control their manbomber, a controller for each player is required for all other modes. Any Controller which can be connected to your device will do!

So grab a couple of friends, choose one of the three battlefields and blast off!


While bombing your way through the battlefield, you will come across various items which may help (or hinder) you along the way:


Art & Music: Max Pellegrino (maaax)

Programming & Sound: Dominik Leiser (Fresh-D)

Website: Play on itch.io

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