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Hey hey hey!
Here’s a little info about myself and my current project!

I started teaching myself programming in pico8 during the Fall of 2020. I’ve been having fun learning more and more. I’ve been working on my first game that I’ve made public. During recent development, I ran out of code space with updates still remaining. I eventually found the LOVE Engine. It runs LUA code and it also has no code limitations. I’m currently working on porting ‘The Demon Within’ from Pico8 to the Love Engine. From there I'll add a few last features then I'll distribute the game to sites like Kongregate, Humble Bundle, Itch.io and Game Jolt! Stick around for more updates on ‘The Demon Within’!

Header art done by Josh Floyd @ieJoMaFlo on Twitter.

I make small indie games and art on my free time. Currently a software engineer at #bosch.


Heyo there! I am Agent Tom! I love helping others and giving suggestions on pico 8! I don't know any code but I hope I can still help! Maybe someday I could be your creative director!

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