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Hello all!

Finally purchase Pico-8 and quite excited to get started, I have limited coding experience to be honest but I've dabbled in many languages (Mainly Python, BASIC and a little C#) and read several books on computer architecture so hoping this might be a 'not too big' jump into the video gaming world.

I have read a variety of posts about Pico-8 now and am excited to get started however a few questions have cropped up if anyone thinks they could help!

1) I love the idea of limitations with the console however I like the idea of being able to start small and watch it grow, how tight are the limitations in practise and are there any work arounds if I get going?

2) The game I want to design at some point down the line is basically a small version of The Sims...my thoughts are it will be set in one house or maybe a very small town where you go to work, buy furniture and gradually upgrade a few skils. Ofcourse naturally I would scale down on each aspect to include what hopefully sums up the franchise. I'm thinking game length and interest would be held by keeping the map/world small but adding features to a small base. The question here really is do you think this kind of project would be doable with the tools/limitations of Pico-8.

Well I think that sums it up, thanks for reading! :)


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