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Wanted : a fool proof way of installing pico-8 on raspberry pi. I need wifi and Bluetooth. Don't want raspian desktop or any other distractions.
All I want is pure, simple, joyful pico-8 bliss.

Stuff I've tried.

  1. Booting straight to pico-8 via modified .bashrc file.
    2 Booting to pico-8 via modified .localrc file.
    3 Lakka
    4 retopie
    5 retrobox.
    6 picopi

Really at my wits end. All the above method have flaws, bugs or contrivances.

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I just wondered if anyone knew of a way to run piocpi and enable wifi. I love having pico8 without all the raspbian fuss, but would also like wifi so I'm not tied to a room that has Ethernet.

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