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by zep
Cart #3086 | 2011-11-05 | Embed ▽ | No License

Here's a level that's designed for getting high scores rather than just surviving it. Otherwise it's too easy to camp in a corner.

It was going to be a game mode in the PLAY menu, but I didn't want to clutter it.

You might notice that the player always has the sword in this one. This is an undocumented feature of the editor: to do this, set the name of a room to _dojo.

P#3087 2011-11-05 16:59 ( Edited 2011-11-06 08:13)

ok, so I just tried it again and it's harder than I remember.
My score: 2736 with one heart left. EDIT: 3071 / 2

P#3091 2011-11-05 17:03 ( Edited 2011-11-05 21:07)

So I just have to have Nameheredojo or does it have to be Namehere_Dojo?

P#3097 2011-11-05 17:35 ( Edited 2011-11-05 21:35)

I like the idea, this would make a great level if you ever add leaderboards.
I love the "_dojo" feature, having the same kind of feature for the other weapons (infinite ammo) would be awesome and would probably open up lots of possibilities.

P#3099 2011-11-05 17:38 ( Edited 2011-11-05 21:38)

Kawaiido: the whole thing has to be just:

You can't add a name to it. But note that the name field isn't particularly useful at the moment -- it's there so that the designer of the level can make a note to themselves.

yeah, it's not so fun without a high score table. I'm looking forward to getting that going, also so that people can submit stats along with (number of restarts/accuracy etc.).

P#3115 2011-11-05 18:38 ( Edited 2011-11-05 22:38)

I'm actually making a map with the _dojo feature since I saw it on twitter! For now it has 25 rooms with two dungeons and a "World map". I really love your game zep!

P#3118 2011-11-05 19:06 ( Edited 2011-11-05 23:06)

Why not just spawn 1 monster in each corner with each wave ?

P#3196 2011-11-06 03:05 ( Edited 2011-11-06 08:07)

Haha, I really enjoyed this level. Great one zep, I will hopefully integrate this into some of my levels. :)

P#3198 2011-11-06 03:13 ( Edited 2011-11-06 08:13)

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