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Cart #skle-0 | 2023-12-08 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

This is my Game Off 2023 jam submission (theme was "Scale").

Skle is a puzzle and strategy game about numbers on 3 different scales: 1s (numbers 1-9), 10s (numbers 10-99) and 100s (numbers 100-999).

How to play

The game starts with a table full of numbers and is played through rounds. Each round has 2 stages:

  • Transform: You'll select one of the 3 available arithmetic operations (e.g. "+100", "/2", "x10"), which will be applied to every number on the table. This, in turn, will result in a new set of numbers. Some of them might go out of scale and will be removed. When the round ends, a new random operation will replace the one you chose.
  • Clear: In this stage, you'll pick one of the 3 scales. All the numbers on that scale will be removed from the table and you'll get points from those. New random numbers will appear replacing them. You also have the option to skip this stage.

At the end of the round, your score will be increased by the number of points you get in the round. The round score is calculated using this formula:

round_score = # cleared_cards X points_per_card X multiplier

There are 2 multipliers:

  • x2: you'll get to double your round score if you clear the whole table + get some out-of-scale numbers.
  • x3: if you manage to clear the whole table with no out-of-scale numbers, your round score will be multiplied by 3!

Every now and then, some extra numbers will be spawned at the end of the round. Keep an eye on the spawn bar (brown line) to know when it'll happen.

The game ends when there are less than 5 numbers on the table.

Can you beat your own highscore?


  • Arrow keys: navigate.
  • X: select/confirm.


Code, art and music by Vicente Romero.

P#138437 2023-12-08 09:49 ( Edited 2023-12-08 09:52)


This is fantastic! Just got a score of 2924. I've been in need of a new maths based game I can play on my phone, think I'll be playing this one for a while :)

Simple but enganging.

P#138454 2023-12-08 18:39

@tinysorcerer Thank you! Glad that you like it!

P#138559 2023-12-11 15:23

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