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Legend says an ancient blade with the power to banish evil lies in this uninhabited land. Explore mountains, plains, lakes, and caverns in your search for the hidden Shrine of Illusion which guards the blade, and strengthen yourself by seeking out all seven heart containers scattered throughout the land. Godspeed, hero!


Arrow keys - Move
X button - Search solid tiles above you for secret passages

Entry for Pico1K jam 2023 using <=1024 compressed bytes


s="も³ン▥ホ▥ン」ホ」ン。もᵉちちも²し」ˇ」ˇ」ˇ▥し▥<ᵉちちむ⌂>3シぬCひSほC3b⌂ちちむち>はシ4C4S3Cはbちちちそむち🅾️◜に³てそッち█+マゆ?P¹tんUコツレWョュエユれ\0@◝よつjつjつjつjつjつjVU◝よつjつjつjつjつjつjVUちち²ち²そ\nき²そ²ちちちちちちちちちちちちちちむUレ\0ユちむたちすちあちjちちたちすちあちjちjちあちすちたjちあちすちたちちちちちむちちちちちちなちちちち❎ち❎ち❎ち❎ちしちしなしちしち"for i=0,895 do
s="\0フひᵉ⁴か\0コ/KすかCのo⁙[=¹\\<>nュ  cU、テo⁷しD(#dᶠぬD ᵇo@2oVのケ⁷Zよ゜○よ*ふて\0ひ\rPむふᵉ よ|Q⁵⁴#$(。ア\nみふ0*よ6{に³fm¹g\\?rに。d4>ゅO,³ᶠ⬇️はoRひ?Hひl¹は\rZラノ⁴○に⁸□⁸⁘ぬオ⁴{g³fO   ⁘;¹⁵   8ひア^の○²³⁸4\n\n゛⁸\nᶜ{g³q⁶¹⁴6▶'ᶠ⁸{g⁙  ?Tひに>⁵「<{gᵇ⁘;ᵇ³V⁵&ᵇ⁸{g.…█\0¹\n\0 ᵇ¥  \n\0¹ᵇ,⁶\nl{g⁷;⁶⁵⁘\nヌひO⁴   \n¥ \n ⁶⁸6z_⁶⁷\n⁶³⁸"for i=1,#s,3 do
for i=0,▥ do
if(mget(x/8-h/2,y/8-v/2)\7>a%128+b%88)x-=h y-=v
goto s
P#135322 2023-10-03 03:57 ( Edited 2023-10-04 03:21)


This is very impressive! Great job :)

P#135334 2023-10-03 08:55

Thank you, =)
Just curious, have you found any more of the hidden caves, or the dungeon?

P#135360 2023-10-03 19:21

I got up to 6 hearts, then I found a secret passage inside a secret passage that led to some kind of deep void where I either can't move or can't tell I'm moving. Any hints for navigating this section?

P#135370 2023-10-03 19:46

While it would be awesome if I'd managed to create an Inception-like secret area within a secret area, to steal a quote from that movie, "Nothing is down there, just raw subcon...er, map memory."

Basically, I had to reuse a bunch of things to save space, and wanted an underground lake, so the void/portal/fissure/whirlpool and the underground lake it sits in are tiles used to draw the walls for the dungeon, but not palette-swapped to display as such. The tiles on the top left and bottom right corners are the same one that makes interactive doors. If you approach them from the top you'll be teleported above ground to either the mountains or the lake, respectively, but approaching from the bottom will shoot you down into empty map space, which you can't move in.

I figured a very specific and limited-case insta-fail hazard would be acceptable, but it sounds like it caused some confusion, so I'll look into either removing the "portal", or keeping it from warping you downwards into the Void of Zero.

P#135382 2023-10-04 00:58 ( Edited 2023-10-04 13:50)

Okay, a new version is up. Fixed the issue by blocking off the offending area, though it's still visible so people can theorize about it ;)
The related cave entrance has also been moved a little, but it's still on the same screen.

P#135388 2023-10-04 03:25 ( Edited 2023-10-04 03:26)

Ha! I thought for sure you had put that in on purpose :).

I'll gear up for another run during lunch!

P#135397 2023-10-04 11:32

I'm stumped.

Edit: I think I won!

P#135398 2023-10-04 13:03 ( Edited 2023-10-04 16:47)


Looks like you've found everything but the passage to the dungeon and the last heart container. I'd recommend looking around any screens of the overworld map that don't seem to be accessible.

If that's not enough help, here's where to find it. --SPOILERS--

Go to the canyon in the bottom left corner of the map. The entrance to a secret passage is on the right hand side one screen up.

P#135399 2023-10-04 13:26 ( Edited 2023-10-04 13:29)

Yes, you won! Good job!

I had to cut out the congratulatory message and freeze frame I had wanted in order to save bytes, but hoped it would be clear enough that you reached your goal. If I manage to free up some space at some point, I'll add that back in.

P#135408 2023-10-04 16:53 ( Edited 2023-10-04 19:19)

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