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Quick Backstory:

i made this mod a couple years ago, worked on it for a bit, then forgot about it. found it recently, and decided to make it more public, because it was only on my website.
cough appak.neocities.org cough
maybe this will make me want to work on it more? idk.

Cart #carl_mod_v2-0 | 2023-09-09 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Also, I guess I made lore for the mod lol
it was really simple, carl (who you play as) lives with all the other carls in carl cave™, but he wants to leave for whatever reason, and travels to the surface, where he will meet carl (the one with the pink bow(?) in their hair at the title screen. very simple lore haha.


old version:

this old version just has some more spikes on a certain level, that made it reallt hard, so I decided to remove them as of 9/9/23
it's possible, just sucks...
Cart #newestcarl-0 | 2022-05-19 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

P#134110 2023-09-09 19:58

i cant seem to get past the first jump on the first screen ... am i missing something ?
the dash (x) doesnt seem to do anything either ...

P#134121 2023-09-10 05:24

I really like this! It utilized the jump and the weirdness of the pico8 celeste platforming very well. I don't think any other platforming engine could really make any of these level concepts/ideas work the way they do here.

@bigjus You need to utilize the wall jump a lot in unique ways, no dashing is needed for any of these levels.

P#134142 2023-09-10 17:18

It's confirmed: a diamond larger than your head is worth less than a strawberry larger than your head. A strawberry is worth 1000 while a diamond is only 500.

P#134144 2023-09-10 19:32 ( Edited 2023-09-10 19:33)

babe wake up new sandwichblam mod

P#134176 2023-09-11 15:20

I told a rough version of the plot of "Carl" to ChatGPT, enjoy:

"Carl's Clumsy Cave Caper"

Carl was not like other Carls in Carl Cave. While most Carls were content spending their days napping, snacking, and telling Carl tales, Carl had dreams – big dreams! He wanted to see what was beyond the Cave. Rumors floated around about the dazzling "Outside World," but Carl had never seen it for himself.

One morning, Carl woke up with a determination as big as his appetite. Today was the day he would escape Carl Cave!

The first obstacle was the Great Stalactite Slide. Many Carls spoke of its slipperiness, its sharp turns, and the perilous pit of pillows at the end. Yes, you heard right, pillows! Carls have a great fear of extreme comfort; they believe that too much coziness can make them forget their mission. Carl took a deep breath, aimed for the least cushiony landing spot, and WHOOSH! Down he went, swerving left and right, until he flopped safely (and only slightly cozily) at the base.

Next was the Tunnel of Tickles. Legend had it that any Carl who dared enter would be tickled so much they'd be left giggling for days! Carl tiptoed in, but was immediately ambushed by Tickle Twigs. Every step he took resulted in uncontrollable laughter, but he pressed on, determined to make it out before he lost his mind to mirth.

Emerging from the Tunnel of Tickles, still chuckling a little, Carl faced his biggest challenge: The Labyrinth of Laces. This confusing corridor was filled with dangling shoe laces, and any Carl that attempted to navigate through would inevitably end up tied in knots. Carl, however, had a plan. Taking two laces, he tied them into a neat bow, making a path for himself. With every lace he encountered, he tied another bow, until he found himself at the end, surprisingly knot-free.

Just when Carl thought he was free, he stumbled upon the final and most feared obstacle: The Door of Decisions. Two doors stood before him. One led to the fabled Outside World, while the other led to... the Deep Dark Depths of the Carl Cave's snack pantry.

Above the doors was a riddle:

"To escape the cave and see the sky,
Choose the door where Carls don't lie.
But if it's snacks and treats you seek,
The other door will peak your cheek."

Carl scratched his head. He was famished from his journey and the thought of snacks was tempting. However, his desire for adventure was stronger. Recalling that Carls never lie when they're outside and tell tall tales inside the cave, he chose the first door.

Blinded by the bright light, Carl stepped into the Outside World. It was more wonderful than he'd imagined! Lush trees, colorful birds, and endless adventure awaited him.

Back in the Carl Cave, tales of Carl's bravery became legendary. They even named the Great Stalactite Slide after him! As for Carl, he returned often to regale his fellow Carls with tales of the outside, but always with a snack from the pantry in hand, because some adventures, after all, are best enjoyed with a tasty treat.

P#134204 2023-09-12 01:16 ( Edited 2023-09-13 00:29)

thats really funny lol, i might use some of that for more levels haha(tho next time maybe use hidden tags to hide walls of text :p )
@ooooggll i guess i made that 500 a while ago and forgot about it haha
@Munchkin thanks! i really liked all the other mechanics of celeste, not only the dash and wanted to make something from that lol
@florid_man lmao (i always crack up whenever i see that type of thing haha)

P#134219 2023-09-12 16:29 ( Edited 2023-09-12 16:30)

thanks for the comment(I will have hidden tags next time)

P#134242 2023-09-13 00:13

really cool. liked the design and the simple parkour without the dash, I sort of know my way around without dashes from a couple of mods.

UPDATE: got all diamonds when bored

P#134271 2023-09-13 12:40 ( Edited 2023-09-14 12:04)

Got to 1k and it was blank, nothing after that.
Did I do the wrong method to get to the pink bow person?

P#134296 2023-09-13 23:11

I haven't finished the mod yet- I'm still working on it slowly! :)

P#134326 2023-09-14 12:36

Ah, okay, thanks!

P#134353 2023-09-14 18:01

are you going to make a sequel?

P#134366 2023-09-14 23:38


P#134472 2023-09-17 02:36

cool cart! i love all the little background details in each level.

P#134505 2023-09-17 19:47

This is Carl's British cousin Mr. Carl

P#134808 2023-09-23 19:25 ( Edited 2023-09-23 19:28)

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