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Hey @zep.

Yes, you. The man of the hour.

Could you please do three things, please ?

If you click on a Sprite that is not on the page, while the # does change, in this case, 35, the sprite page stays on wherever you left it. Suggest it jump to the page where sprite #35 is seen. So clicking would yield:

This ^^ instead.

The 2nd thing is to add information to show which sprite you are HOVERING over. Not right-clicking, just by having the mouse atop a sprite will tell what # it is. It could be put in the red area below where there is ample space.

The other is to not show the vertical position in the map if the mouse is no longer hovering in the map area or even if you click in the sprite area - it still shows the map vertical position. Instead show the Sprite-Y position.

P#123575 2023-01-03 02:53 ( Edited 2023-01-03 04:47)

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