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For anyone who wants it, an SFX imitating an electric guitar with overdrive:


Free to use, credit appreciated.

(If you are not already familiar, the manual has a brief explanation of how custom SFX instruments work.)

P#117162 2022-09-10 20:41 ( Edited 2022-09-10 22:27)


Because BBS music/SFX embeds are broken for people, per a suggestion elsewhere by @dw817, here's a demo of the instrument in use.

Cart #weyigazefi-0 | 2022-09-10 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Eight patterns, it just loops, but should give you a sense of the sound.

P#117175 2022-09-10 23:03

Wow ! Nicely done, @packbat. Gold star sound.

And yep I can't get any embedded SFX or music to play. That's 3-browsers now.

Firefox, Opera, and Chrome. Clearly something is amiss.

I've known about this "green" instrument thing for a long time now. That's how I have such a high-pitch for my sound effects, especially moving a cursor in my editors and games.

As for using the sound as an instrument. I suppose I could make a post with my "glass" instrument.

P#117177 2022-09-10 23:30

Thank you! And yeah, more instruments always good!

P#117186 2022-09-11 01:02

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