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Chew the bomb

Cart #chewthebomb-3 | 2022-07-23 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

update 1.2 [change]Position when holding a bomb. / Enemy bullets stop on the wall.


...I am drifting through space in an emergency escape capsule. Luckily I was able to find an old base station, but what the heck! It was a nest of alien life. Unless I destroy the aliens and get my base back, I can't even call for help. I decided to start cleaning up with Miporus Creature Bombs.


You control an astronaut, Mr.Astrou.
And use a creature bomb, which explodes after a few seconds when thrown, and a laser gun, which is not very powerful, to eliminate all hostile creatures on the stage.
The bomb blasts also damage Astrou. Only when you kill enemies with the bombs, high-scoring energy cubes will appear.
After completing 6 stages, the game ends with an ending.


⬅️➡️⬆️⬇️...up,down,left and right
❎...take out a bomb / throw
🅾️...shot a beam

...thank you for playing!

P#113849 2022-07-01 02:04 ( Edited 2022-07-23 02:27)

all complated great game
use gun
to explode the bomb quicker,throw the bomb and shoot it .

P#114063 2022-07-08 08:39 ( Edited 2022-07-08 08:48)

Congratulations on clearing the game!
That's right, the trick is to make the bomb work faster with a gun!

P#114069 2022-07-08 14:15

Wow, this was great! It looks fantastic, like a colorized early GB game.

I really liked the gameplay idea - throw a bomb then shoot it. There were a few small issues. The bomb always spawns on your left side, regardless of what direction you are facing, so you can throw farther to the left than you can to the right. Maybe have the bomb spawn directly on top of you? Or rotate depending on what direction you are facing?

Also, the final boss can shoot through walls, which I guess adds some challenge but felt a little unfair. Maybe add a separate obstacle that can shoot through walls?

Regardless, this was great. I would love some more levels as-is. Really well done!!

P#114232 2022-07-12 13:26

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Certainly, it's fairer for the last boss bullet to stop at the wall.
It may be updated including the throwing behavior.

Thank you for breaking through all the stages.

P#114271 2022-07-13 13:58

I just played through all the stages. I was down to my last life and health by the end. :D

Fun game, and the art is great.

P#114369 2022-07-15 16:38

Thank you for playing.
I'm glad you like the graphics!

I also have a hard time clearing the final stage.
With the bullet of the final boss!

P#114384 2022-07-15 23:24

This was super fun and the mechanics felt so fun to just toss bombs and setup cascading explosions! Great work! :)

P#115437 2022-08-08 06:15

That's where I put most of my effort.
Thank you for enjoying chained explosions!

P#115451 2022-08-08 12:51

Fun game! I liked blowing up the aliens

P#129705 2023-05-14 02:12

Thank you for your enjoyment.
Congratulations on clearing the game!

P#129715 2023-05-14 09:05

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