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Cart #fz-2 | 2022-04-24 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

About this game

This is a demake of Fantasy Zone, SEGA. Boss rush mode is available and you can fight all of 8 bosses.
I made this game to feel "Wow, looks like the legendary game Fantasy Zone when seen from a distance!".
I never made this as a perfect clone. There are many differences from the original game.

How to play

Start the game and enter select panel.

  • Select mode: EASY or NORMAL
  • Select stage: 1 to 8

If you select EASY, player doesn't get damaged. In this mode, you can enjoy tour of all bosses of Fantasy Zone and "EASY" is displayed at the bottom of the screen. If you select HARD, collision detection of the player is enabled.


  • D-Pad/Arrows: move player
  • O/Z: shoot bullets
  • O/X: shoot bombs


Some stages need loading next cartridge when defeating the bosses. If it fails, the game cannot be continued. Please play this game with line connected well.


  • The bosses are roughly implemented. Most of the original patterns do not work. The major differences are here:
    • Time limit of bosses to start moving toward the player is not implemented for other than Poppos.
    • There is no safe area for Winklone.
    • The pass through bug of the last boss can be used only at the bottom of screen.
    • Price of coins are all same and you can't scroll the screen to left and right to gather coins.
    • Amount of weapon price increase is not same as the original game.
  • The collision judgement of the player is lenient but dodging bullets in this low resolution screen is tough. The difficulty is high and unique strategy of this game is needed. Fortunately effective weapon is same as the original game and you can enter the shop balloon before fighting bosses, so you can prepare the same strategy as the original game. For example:
    • A heavy bomb for stage 3
    • 3 Smart bombs for stage 4
    • 7 way shot for stage 5
    • A heavy bomb for stage 8 last enemy



  • Published
P#110783 2022-04-24 15:08 ( Edited 2022-05-11 04:46)

Gold star for another amazing boss rush.

Could the shots from the boss number 4 be a different color from the background?

I have seen the ending in easy mode, but I'm not sure how to properly defeat the later stages of the final boss in hard mode. I have never played the original Fantasy Zone on any platform, which might help. Watching some videos has given me some ideas to try.

P#110802 2022-04-25 01:08

That was insanely intricate even if I had no idea what was going on sometimes.
At the end the melon bug didn't hurt me? despite touching me? in fact I didn't get hit at all so not sure if I was just good or the hitbox was small or what.
but ya fun stuff! never played the original but the graphics and all are nice here even if a smidge crampped.

P#110806 2022-04-25 02:47

@SmellyFishstiks : Did you change the difficulty to "hard" at the start? By default it is "easy," where you don't collide with anything. This means it's possible to be in easy mode and not be sure if that's why everything is missing.

P#110809 2022-04-25 03:04

@Cowirrie Oh dang no collision on easy? ya I was.

P#110810 2022-04-25 03:09

@Cowirrie Thank you for playing! Color of shots from the 4th boss is as same as the original game so I'm not going to change it. The shots brink and I think you might see them...
Yes you can see videos of the original game and know how to defeat the final boss. You can defeat 5 insects using shot only and the 6th insect can be defeated by "Heavy bomb". Enjoy!

P#110812 2022-04-25 04:21

@SmellyFishstiks Thank you for playing! I'm glad that you've enjoyed! The original game is a masterpiece of shooting game history (released in 1986) and the graphics are very nice.
@Cowirrie Thank you for the explanation about easy mode.

P#110813 2022-04-25 04:27

@marcydog : Thank you for the advice. With it I was able to play through all of the bosses in Hard mode. Things I bought:

Round 4 - 7 Way Shot
Round 6 - Jet Engine (although I think Big Wings may be sufficient)
Round 8 - Heavy Bomb

P#110932 2022-04-27 09:37

@Cowirrie Good! You did it!

P#111652 2022-05-11 04:48

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