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I had been trying to install pico8 on my retropie for months but still no success.


the part driving me crazy is "6. INSTALL WIRINGPI".

I seriously can't get how to install this thing properly. One of my attempts resulted in crashing my retropie and I had to reboot and reinstall retropie, removing all the retroarch configurations I made. I don't want to repeat that ever again...

the guide says to enter Pi $ prompt, but since i'm not a raspberry pi expert I don't know what that thing is, and I couldn't find further guides too.

P#110780 2022-04-24 10:19


wiringpi is a package that was required to run pico8 on raspberry pi. you could install it using any usual method (with graphical package manager if you’re not used to the command line), but the project is inactive now, so it is sligthly harder to find and install.

recent versions of pico8 for raspbian don’t require wiringpi. try the pico8_dyn or pico8 executables, not pico8_gpio.

P#110789 2022-04-24 18:24

thanks merwok, I'll try.

P#110860 2022-04-26 00:33

Great, emulationstation is crashed again and forcing me to reinstall everything. now I won't bother.

P#110922 2022-04-27 02:28

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