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Instead of buying an RG-351 or other gaming device, I settled on purchasing a gaming controller called the RAZER KISHI that allows you to place your cellphone in the middle and you can use the joystick accordingly.


While it works perfectly everywhere else including emulation of other games like Super Nintendo and Sony Playstation for the RetroArch, it is not configured correctly for the Pico-8 system when run from Google Chrome.

For instance the BLUE does nothing at all. Instead arrow key controls are done by the RED sliding joystick above that.

In the GREEN, The (A) and (B) control the (A) and (B) for Pico-8 just fine. The (X) and (Y) also do (A) and (B) but not auto-fire.

May I suggest, @zep, that the RED joystick which has very fine movement be used to control a virtual mouse, perhaps even showing a dot on the 128x128 screen. In pressing down on the joystick (which does register as a unique button), it counts as a LEFT mouse click.

In the PURPLE joystick, the same as a virtual mouse as it too has very fine movement, once again optional dot, independent of movement from RED, appearing in the 128x128 screen. In pressing down on THIS joystick it counts as a RIGHT mouse click.

Have the BLUE control arrow keys as normal and have keys (X) and (Y) instead be auto-fire for (A) and (B).

The double-boxes button nestled between the RED and BLUE could register as a BACKSPACE keypress and/or player #2 (O) as it appears to be a left-facing arrow on my KISHI.

The triple-lined button below the PURPLE could register as a TAB keypress and/or player #2 (X) as it appears to be a right-facing arrow on my KISHI.

The stylish X button (X-Box) just below the BLUE could register as the ENTER keypress (pause) as it appears to be the icon of a HOME on my KISHI.

With the left and right triggers located above the RED and GREEN, you are given 4 in all, two to each side. These could count as LEFT and RIGHT for player #2 and player #3.

Finally the option to hide the touch-screen controls. This could be done by tapping quickly twice in the bottom-right-hand corner of the Pico-8's screen. Double-tap the same area again to return the visual controls.

Also to allow zoom of any scale. 1x1 1.25x1 2x2 2.25x2 etc.

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