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About this game

This is a remake of Pitfall II, SEGA.
Run, and jump to reach the rightmost of the field and get a birthday present before time is up.
Time limit is 5 minutes for EASY mode, 3 minutes for HARD mode.
When you're got damaged, the time decreases by 5 seconds. When you get a cake, the time increases by 10 seconds.


  • D-Pad/Arrows: move left/right
  • O/Z: jump

About the character

The playable character is USADA, one of main characters of Japanese animation, DiGiCharat.
We, Japanese fans love her and celebrates her birthday every year. This game is to celebrate her 2021 birthday.

Special thanks

Saxyun, who made the USADA's dot picture and celebrates her birthday by his website.

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