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This is the story of a hard working Christmas elf. I was never told their name. I call them Blinky. They had one last task to complete late one Christmas Eve: String some lights, plug them in, and connect them to the finial atop the tree. Easy for a smart elf like Blinky. Too bad they never finished that electrician's course...

Game Play

Connect the loose bulbs by touching them with the exposed wire from the light string. Loose bulbs are always safe, but if the string is connected to power and you touch the string to itself, some of the bulbs will explode. Electricity is powerful, but dangerous. Be careful with it.

There are three possible endings and eleven achievements to earn.


Press the Z key to disconnect the light string to/from the power outlet.

Press the X key to disconnect the light string to/from the finial.

Arrow keys set the direction of travel. If you wander off screen you will hear warning notes. Come back before you wander too far.

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I'm not sure what I just played but it certainly was a puzzle?

P#103980 2022-01-01 02:43

Yes, there's an element of discovery to it, but I think it's all pretty logical really. Here are hints if you need them.

The game ends when

both sides of the light string are connected. There are three possible ways to do that. The endings are named "Ho, ho, ho," "uh, oh," and "oh, no."

You earn achievements by
interacting with objects in the room.

Some achievements depend
on whether the lights are on or off.

Beyond that, you are free to set your own goals. How many bulbs can you collect? How artistically can you drape the lights on the tree? How fast can you get the decorating done?

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